XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201″ Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and Game on PC/Android/iOS–Consoles & Cloud Gaming Compatible Electronics

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About this item WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST AR EXPERIENCE: Powered by advanced optic and computer vision tech, XREAL Air offers four experiences: Air Casting, Spatial Display, Virtual Desktop, and AR Space. Join 100,000+ XREAL fans around the world! VIRTUAL DESKTOP ANYWHERE: Finally you can have the biggest monitor with the smallest laptop whether working from home or on a plane. The Virtual Desktop mode can turn your laptop into a multi-screen workstation with up to three adjustable virtual screens. Though still in beta, it offers a PC experience never seen before. (Currently only available on M1/M2 MacBook computers, but coming to Windows soon)

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5.83 x 2.36 x 2.05 inches

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2.79 ounces



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3.9 out of 5 stars

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#1 in Video Display Glasses

Date First Available

September 12, 2022






Dark Black

Special Feature

TÜV Certificated Eye Protection, AR Glasses with Massive 201” Micro-OLED 60hz Virtual Theater

Included Components

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})); Prescription-lens frame (Learn more from Nreal's official website or our partner Frame of Choice), glasses, detachable cable, 3 nose pads, Case, cleaning cloth(Nreal Adapter not included)Prescription-lens frame (Learn more from Nreal's official website or our partner Frame of Choice), glasses, detachable cable, 3 nose pads, Case, cleaning cloth(Nreal Adapter not included) See more

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

5.83 x 2.36 x 2.05 inches

Operating System

IOS, Android

Field Of View

360 Degrees

Connector Type

USB Type C

60 reviews for XREAL Air AR Glasses, Smart Glasses with Massive 201″ Micro-OLED Virtual Theater, Augmented Reality Glasses, Watch, Stream, and Game on PC/Android/iOS–Consoles & Cloud Gaming Compatible Electronics

  1. JohnnyPDX

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I like ’em enough to keep them…just barely…

    Ok, I fell for the hype and picked these up as soon as I could. They’re all over YouTube right now and everyone was raving, so I had to see what it was all about. They were also all sponsored promotions and it’s hard to trust those to be completely unbiased, but I was intrigued enough to say what the hell and drop the $380. I can always return them, right?Long story short, I’m using them a ton. I will probably regret it someday, but they make for pretty neat heads-up display when I’m riding my motorcycle. I can put the Waze up on side view or some other such utility and it makes me feel a little like Iron Man. And I do mean just a little. I can also do some finagling and watch some video at the bottom of the “screen” (I know, I know, so dangerous…). I don’t care, I have some Star Wars shows to catch up on and this is the easiest time to get them in. I also use it to play my Steam Deck (which is the big selling point in all those YouTuber reviews), and I also got the HDMI adapter which I’ll review separately (spoiler alert: I’m barely keeping that too, but mostly because it only lasts a few hours and I’d like an option to keep it powered for long gaming sessions on my Xbox).Ultimately, it works about as good as you can expect. It’s no different than a car which shines a display up at the windshield to give you your info, but this is in COLOR! It works decently well washed out against a bright background. They’re not terribly comfortable but I appreciate that they TRIED to make them not look totally stupid wearing out in public (the only real weird thing is how far from they sit from your eyes.I wish the included lenses for custom prescription sizing were actual reading glasses and not just a template. Not everyone needs to get prescription glasses made for these and having them be more functional out of the box would have been a serious plus I feel they missed the boat on. It would make it easier for me to keep them on when I need to see outside of the display, like to read a text without having to take them off an put on my glasses. I can read everything without extra lenses on the display, so for me I’m glad I can still use them without being REQUIRED to get a prescription. I feel sorry for the people who have banana shaped eyeballs…The next point I’d like to make is with the software. I think there’s real potential here, but I’m quite disappointed that I can’t add any old app to the Nebula AR experience. I hardly use that function because most of what I want is a standard app. You’d think they’d have some kind of picture-in-picture functionality so you could add any app to their proprietary offerings, but maybe that’ll come out in some future update (or maybe I’m missing something…I don’t know. I didn’t get my wife’s permission to get these, so I haven’t been able to dabble with it too much.)All-in-all, if you have some money to burn these are pretty fun. If not, I’d wait until v2 or v3 to splurge. I’m sure they’ll improve field of view and other stuff to make it more worth the expense….This is Kuiil, and I have spoken. …That’s right, back to the Mandalorian.

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  2. Andrew JorgensenAndrew Jorgensen

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    One size fits small, and not quite what I was hoping for.

    I didn’t buy these for AR or to use with my phone. I just wanted a display I could wear on my face so that I could kick back in my recliner or in bed without straining my neck or holding a phone or laptop up in front of my face. And they really aren’t bad, they just aren’t great. I might even keep them… not sure.Display:Great potential, but mediocre execution. The OLED is sharp and full HD 1080p, but the optics don’t do it justice. I wear contacts, and my corrected vision is great. But viewing with the Nreal Air, the left is never quite in focus. I’m getting older, so I’m sure it’s my eyes, but it’s disappointing all the same. I could get prescription lenses that might correct this, but considering what I already paid and other disappointments, I don’t think I will.But the worst thing about the optics is that the outside (left side for your left eye, right for right) is blurry on both displays. This is probably because they’re one-size-fits-small. If my eyes were closer together like the ideal average person they’d probably look better. Manually pushing the glasses right and left I can get it into positions where one eye sees well. What that means is that human faces are not all the same, and they’re rarely quite symmetrical. Every optician knows this. It’s why you need to be measured before they grind your lenses.The attached photo was taken with my phone. I tried to position it so that the image would look about like it looks to me when wearing them. The photo does not do it justice – it’s much sharper than I was able to capture, but if you look at the distortion on the right, that will give you an idea of what the outside blurriness looks like.The display is above your eyes and you view it through a prism. There’s some slight ghosting resulting from the optics. Making the optics wider might also have helped reduce the distortions.Comfort:Again, not bad, but not great. They’re heavy enough that wearing them for an hour or two is going to leave an impression on the bridge of your nose. If you wear glasses maybe you’re used to that. I’m not. One-size-fits-small means the temples aren’t nearly long enough for my large head.The temples are a bit flexible toward the end, but they press right above my ears. The left side has the cable, so that side is longer and more comfortable. They could have made both temples the same length when plugged in (minus the cord obviously) but they didn’t.And there’s definitely some eye strain, at least for me. When your eyes can’t see perfectly, they try to adjust, and that causes strain.Sound:Actually pretty good, but could be louder. I was pleasantly surprised how good they sounded. I’d rather wear my over-ear headphones, but the temples are also thick, so that’s not going to work well.Other:They say “Nreal Air needs to be activated before first use” but for my use case I couldn’t find any reason why that would be true. I plugged them in and they worked. There are probably software adjustments to make them work better that I don’t have access to because my phone isn’t supported, but bear in mind that any software adjustment is going to mean that you’re not getting the full 1080p resolution with 1:1 pixels.I was able to “activate” them anyway, whatever that means, and update the firmware, using their activation website, but I had to do it from Edge on Windows because it failed on my Chromebook.Bottom line is that we’re just not there yet, at least this isn’t. Another few years of competition might get them there if they can survive long enough. Or someone else will. If they had made them so that you could make fine physical adjustments, at least left and right on both eyes, they might have been good enough.

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  3. RahulRahul

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Must Try Tech Gear

    The glass’s appearance is well suited for the intended use. includes a great carrying case with a durable cover and a USB C charging cable. An outstanding accomplishment from the Nreal team, the glasses merely rest on your face like a typical pair of sunglasses. Three different sets of nose bridges are included in the box, and angled arms further aid in achieving the ideal fit for your face. An outstanding accomplishment from the Nreal team, the glasses simply sit on your face like a typical pair of sunglasses.There are three sets of nose bridges in the box, and angled arms also help to get the perfect fit for your The box includes three sets of nose bridges, as well as angled arms to help you get the perfect fit for your face. The lenses themselves, with small mounted transparent displays on each lens that glint when active for a Cyberpunk-esque effect, are the only giveaway that they’re smart. In addition, a cable runs from the back of the left arm.If you’re in a particularly bright room and having trouble seeing the transparent displays, there are tiny buttons on the underside of the right arm that control the display’s brightness and power, allowing you to quickly crank up the brightness. Volume, on the other hand, is solely controlled by your connected smartphone and delivered via small down-firing speakers on each arm. The sound quality is pleasantly surprising, and I used the glasses speakers while watching movies.Overall, these glasses are impressive; they’re lightweight, compact, and provide a decent quality semi-transparent 130in display ideal for watching movies and playing games on your smartphone, but the high price and requirement for a smartphone connected via USB-C may put some people off. While some may dismiss a hardwired connection to a smartphone, there are advantages. For one thing, you won’t have to charge the headset separately and risk it being dead when you need it, and you’ll have access to all of the apps on your smartphone without having to redownload and set anything up.There are some drawbacks as others have mentioned. First, you need an extra adapter for your iPhone. As such, I can’t comment on what the experience will be like on iOS. I’m pretty sure it’s the same after connecting through an adapter. You can also use the same adapter to connect to a video game console.Second, be careful if you use it on your mobile phone. Not only does the increased power consumption cause the battery to wear out faster, but the consistently faster discharge and charge cycles can significantly reduce battery life. The temples are a little thicker than regular sunglasses, but less bulky than the competition.Of course, it would be nice to have a truly wireless experience, but the technology for that isn’t there yet. This is a good first step, and it will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few years. I plan to return to update this review after using the product for a few months.

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  4. Abe

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve used these enough to have some thoughtful words

    So these work wherever you get usb-c video/power. Unfortunately things like the steam deck and similar handheld pcs have one usb-c port meaning you have to choose between charging or displaying.On to the positives the picture is clear, although text can be difficult to see on the edges of the screen, unless it’s scaled up. But the colors are great, blacks are completely blank. So in a dark room/light blocker on it’s a great movie/gaming experience.Negatives are it gets uncomfortably warm pretty easily, if you’re in a cool place it’s difficult to notice, and the heat feels centered around the projectors (the bulk at the front top) which makes sense. But even with only wearing it, I can feel the heat warming up my head pretty easily unless the room is rather cool.If you need a compact head mounted display this would be my top recommendation. Although it’s not the best in the market, but there’s nothing smaller that I know of.


    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great concept but poorly executed

    So I was extremely excited to give these a try as I’ve seen a lot of buzz around them with the Steam Decks, So I went ahead and purchased a pair to see for myself, I am an avid VR player that owns pretty much every name brand VR headset to date so I’m very familiar with VR/AR. I got them and the packaging is top-notch, comes in a very protected box and the case that holds the glasses is very well made, the USB-C cable goes in a pocket right under the glasses so all you need to bring with you is the case and that’s it. The glasses to my surprise are pretty hefty but feel good (They don’t feel cheap, they feel premium), the glasses are powered by the included USB-C cable that will connect to whatever device you want the glasses to display too (The cable will get both power and data over the single cable). If you plug the glasses into an Android device you can download their app to update the firmware and use their special app that almost mimics the Quest Dashboard and will use your phone as a digital pointer but this only works with iPhones, they do make an adapter that will work with your Apple devices but there is no app for them currently.Sound- The sound is actually really good on these, better than any portable VR headset I have worn before, the sound is full with deep bass and a high range of sound, they get pretty loud as well. I was pleasantly surprised they were able to achieve a sound this good.So everything sounds good, why did I give it 2 stars? Well the first thing I noticed when putting these glasses on was text and the edges of the screen is very blurry, normally this is fixed in VR headsets with IPD adjusters however the Nreal’s don’t have this as they are fixed IPD so I find myself constantly having to adjust the glasses up and down to get a better view depending on where I’m looking, it’s not so big of a deal if you’re using these for gaming but if you plan to hook this up to a PC and use them as a monitor then I would suggest doing some more research, after doing a quick search I find this is an extremely common problem, some say its from poor vision, some have faulty hardware and some have found workarounds like removing the nose guards all together to get a better view. None of them worked for me, so I guess my pair could be defective.The fit, I wear sunglasses every day when I go outside and the first thing I noticed was these fit extremely tight to my head where after a while I find the sides of my head are starting to hurt, I’m not sure if it’s due to them being a new pair and they just need to break in or what but it really breaks the immersion of AR when you have to stop every few minutes and readjust the frames on your head. It would be cool if Nreal came out with some foam pads that will go on the side of the glasses which will provide some extra cushioning for the user.With all that said I’m having a hard time getting over the blurry text and edges of the screen, I could live with the pain of the glasses cause but the blurriness really breaks the immersion for me and I have actually found myself getting headaches over this (Remember I play VR all the time so my eyes are accustomed to these close up AR/VR lenses) and there’s not much you can do since you don’t have IPD sliders or even a way to move the images around on the screen as it’s stuck in a static position. In the end, it has its place but it’s just not for me. I have contacted support to see what they say and if they can offer any pointers or maybe even think it’s a hardware defect but I can’t see myself using this due to its drawbacks. I will make sure I update this post when I hear back!Edit: So I actually decided to keep the glasses as I was trying to work around some of the issues they have because dont get me wrong they are very cool until XREAL pushed out a firmware update that has pretty much borked these glasses, the video will now constantly drop out, audio sounds terrible to the point you are constantly having to plug and unplug the USB cable in the device to try and create a new HDCP handshake to get everything working again, just not worth it and in the end I did decide to return them.

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  6. INFJ

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    I am returning this

    While these Nreal Air AR Glasses came on time and while they are interesting to use, there are a few cons that I have experienced while using it for a week. However, before I start listing my cons, you should know that the battery life is not based on the glasses themselves but more on the Nreal adapter and/or phone you’re plugging it into. You should also know that I do not have an android phone and nor do I have steam deck. This review is strictly based on my Netflix and HBO Max picture experiences via myiPhone 12.Ok, the first con is how cumbersome it is to have a cord and an adapter (for iPhone users). I am so used to my wireless AirPods Pro and my wireless PowerBeats Pro, that having all of these physical extensions is just cumbersome, especially when traveling. The black case that the Nreal glasses come with cannot even fit the supposed Nreal adapter that is needed for iPhone users. Thus, I’m carrying around a case and an additional adapter everywhere I go. My bag is already full of other crap, now the clutter is magnified. This feels like I’m moving backwards technology-wise.Second, the picture quality is ok. Based on my 12.9 inch iPad Pro and my 55 inch Sony Bravia 4K TV picture experiences, the Nreal Air AR glasses cannot compete. Currently, the picture quality is somewhat fuzzy with the details that I would normally be able to see on my iPad or Sony TV. Also, when I took the glasses on my flight to Key West, FL last week, I noticed that some of the scenes lagged when in flight, causing so much pixelated distortion that I grew quite frustrated. Also, while in flight, someone decided to push their window shade up, causing evident glares and reflections from the outside environment to show on my Nreal glasses picture experience. I even had the black-out piece on, but that did not stop the light from entering and reducing my picture quality even further. To give you a better understanding, I watched shows such as Mindhunter, Good Girls, and Warrior Nun on Netflix for the flight. The picture quality of the people in those shows were ok, but the details such as words on a board, clothing designs and emblems, or items on a desk were sometimes hard to make out (even when presented in the foreground). And when you add the glare experienced from someone opening their window shade, the picture quality was reduced even further.Third, the Nreal glasses are a bit too expensive (given its current technology). When you add the Nreal glasses, with the Nreal adapter + Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter, the total cost was nearly $500. I believe this is a bit high. I also believe the standalone price (currently $379) is a bit high. I’m comparison, the Meta Quest 2 which is both an AR and VR device, costs about the same as the Nreal Air glasses. This logic seems incorrect. The Nreal Air, which is only an AR device, should cost much less, let’s say, about $100 to $150 cheaper than the Meta Quest 2. Now, obviously, this is based on the fact that the Meta Quest 2 is also priced appropriately, which I believe it is. If you are in the market to buy some AR only glasses, then I would say to give the Nreal Air a try. However, I did exactly that and found the overall experience cumbersome, the picture quality subpar, and the cost not worth keeping it. I will definitely look out for Nreal’s next update or product, because they are on to something. But in my opinion, they are not quite there yet.

    29 people found this helpful

  7. Zach

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love these but could be better. Definitely read this before buying

    Definitely a great item and I am glad I got it. A few things that disappointed me but most are software and could probably change in the future. The big one though is it’s not the full feild of vision like I thought it was going to be. It’s like looking through a little box in front of you. It’s like 6inch by 5inch square that feels about 5 inches in front of you that you’re looking through which I think is important to know before getting these. So yes, you can have an absolutely massive screen in front of you but you can’t see it all at the same time. I have a samsung and I think that Dex is the best thing for this since you can have that desktop completely fill the available space. I bought this to watch videos or play games lying down or on a plane or on the go and it does that well. I would have liked if I could’ve used this for work though but it just doesn’t quite work well for that, but again, that’s a software issue so hopefully that gets better in the future or maybe there’s third-party software out there that addresses this. It would be nice if the mr was more useful like a window that was screen casting within the nebula app because it’s either nreals mr or screen casting with no mr capabilities. I did find that you can set the screen cast to be off to the side but it looks like it’s only the left side and I would like the right more. If you have glasses you will need the corrective lenses which sucks as an extra purchase but it’s definitely worth it. The site nreal suggests got me the lenses insanely fast and the quality is so much better. I’d have to squint really hard to see most stuff and it was a pain but now all is right with the world. I know there are some other glasses that can let you focus the image and that would’ve been way better even if it made these cost more because now that I have my prescription in there it’d be a pain to take them off to let someone else test them out and could’ve saved some money. So overall super glad I bought them but just disappointed for the other applications that I thought would be fun to apply them to

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  8. Seth

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome AR Glasses

    Just to be clear, there is no battery but I don’t feel that it should bring down the overall score of the glasses. They are slightly on the heavier side so your nose can get uncomfortable after several hours of wear. I normally use them for flights. It is a nice way to block out distractions around you. They are currently working on windows support and then I will upgrade my overall rating to 5 stars!

  9. Outdoor Enthusiast | Geek | Photographer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Productivity booster with some VR capability

    I wasn’t expecting a full VR experience with the Nreal Air and that turned out to be a good thing. Unlike the Meta Quest 2 headset (awkward to wear), the Air looks and feels like a pair of sunglasses because they are so light (and won’t feel heavy after hours of use) and do not garner much attention out in the public.The tiny displays inside the lenses are the only giveaway that the Air are not actual sunglasses. It’s handy to see through the semi-transparent lenses, but when things get too bright outdoors, I prefer using the included shield to block all light.The new Nreal Air glasses have transformed my phone into a productivity and entertainment monster by adding a giant display that fits on my face.The glasses wear like a VR headset and have a cable that attaches to your mobile device. But the Air doesn’t offer an actual VR experience and instead focuses on mirroring the content of your phone, tablet, or laptop. In effect, the Air offers a giant monitor in the form factor of a pair of sunglasses.You’ll have to buy the dongle package if used with the iPhone — another thing to carry around.The Air offers virtual reality capabilities through its software. This app allows you to do things like open multiple windows and use a built-in web browser. In the end, I found the Air to be most useful simply as an external monitor. You can use “SteamVR” that is quite good for running VR apps and the head tracking works surprisingly well for an AR device.It has great video quality but it is very picky about the video adapters that will work with it. So, finding a good hub/adapter can be a challenge for some.

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  10. Matt A R

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Neat for on the go

    So first off the hardware it’s pretty impressive, I’ve owned six goggle type systems over the past 20 years and they only seem to get better. They are comfortable, produce a clear image at 1080p. The built in speakers make you feel like your wearing a good set of headphones. My only gripe with the hardware is I wish it was a little darker on the tint. I do I do like the fact that you can see through them because it really gives into the illusion that you’re watching a huge screen. When you block that out that with the binders the illusion disappears. They’re light and comfortable. My real gripe is with the software for the phone. I’m not a devoleper so I won’t pretended to know what goes into it. The Nebula app is a neat experience, but it’s lacking quite a bit of depth. It would be great if it acted as a launcher for the apps on your phone. For instance they have a web browser, but it’s not my web browser. I have unlock origin installed on Firefox and a few others addons so anything less seems inadequate. Their picture viewer does allow you to see pictures, bit I haven’t figured out the order. Because 02 does not come after 01. In the app you do have the ability to watch 3d movies (assuming it’s on your phone and not on your network), but that’s where it stops. Older goggles I had a hardware button that I could switch the mode to side by side, but on this it’s through the app. It would be nice with a firmware update if you could hold down a button ( like the turn display on/off) to switch to 3D mode instead of relying on the software to make the switch for you. So you could use this on say a steam deck in 3D mode. Another request is to make an adapter that can charge and allow you to use the near air, it’s possible with what’s on the market, but that’s literally plugging 2-3 adapters together, not ideal for a portable environment. This thing has great potential just need to shine and polish the diamond.

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  11. HasturHobbits

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty nifty

    The best thing about these at the time of writing, based off of my use with samsung products, is the awesome screen in Dex mode. I’ve used this to 1) work while laying back in my bed looking up at the ceiling 2) watch movies with a big screen on long international flights 3) Play my steam deck with a massive FOV screen on international flights 4) Do work around the house while watching movies.The nebula app has promise, but as it is now, samsung dex provides more value to the hardware. There is massive potential for the app though. Like, this could give you a real hud with minimap in real life.Ultimately, as a big invisible monitor, I feel it’s worth the price.

  12. Wil McCarthy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Basic AR at a good consumer price point

    These things do not have sensors to track your hand, find planes in the environment around you, or capture pics and video. They are 3DOF AR, not 6DOF AR, so they can track your head orientation but not your position in space. NREAL makes a 6DOF product that does all that, but it’s more expensive and does not look like real glasses.These glasses are exactly as advertised, if not better. Video resolution and color depth are amazing. The Nebula operating system doesn’t have many apps or features yet, and if your phone isn’t on the list of 100% compatible phones, then some of the apps may not run correctly, or at all. But I’ve got a 4-year-old Samsung phone, and Nebula does enough for me to be worth the price. It also works very well with the Samsung Dex operating system, which comes installed on most Samsung phones.For Macintosh, it also works as a 3-monitor setup, fixed in space, which is pretty damn cool. Similar support for Windows will supposedly be available Q1 2023, but in the mean time you can achieve a similar effect using the SpaceWeb browser, the Windows Deskreen app, and a third-party “virtual monitor” driver.Other use cases include (1) watching video content while doing chores, walking the dog, or lying flat on your back, (2) heads-up turn-by-turn navigation, and (3) 3D gaming. Again, not much available, but what’s there is very cool. 3D video can also be achieved through the clunky 3rd party FarePlay app, but only on downloaded files, where legal content in the SBS format is hard to come by. Supposedly, NREAL will be supporting 3D video in a new Nebula update in Q1 2023 as well, so hopefully that will work better.For decades now, augmented reality has been held back by the chicken-egg problem of lack of hardware and lack of content, but NREAL has, in my opinion, *nailed* the hardware side of things with this product. For the price of a large monitor or small TV, you get not only a home theater but also a legit (if basic) AR experience, that will only get better as more software and content comes online. And yes, they really do look like regular (if a bit oversized) sunglasses. I can walk down the street or sit in a cafe with these things without drawing a second glance. Battery life really depends on your phone. With a Note 10+, I can get about 6 hours of video or 3-4 of heads-up display in Samsung Dex.Now, if only someone made a hands-free voice assistant that actually worked!

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  13. Jay

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not Bad, Not Incredible

    These are pretty interesting, the AR is limited as its simply just a screen projection of whatever you are connected to, you can play games such as PS and Xbox by connecting them via HDMI, which requires a extra adapter purchase and or connecting to your phone and streaming the game, both are not ethnical.As like all AR and VR I have to wear contacts since I can’t see without it for the distance, screen is pretty good, nice and vibrant, the sound is not bad but is quite quiet for being put in max to hear anything, it can work as a TV but for $400 is not worth the fact you have to plug it into your phone everytime for anything, which is stupid that it does not have a internal battery considering a Oculus Quest 2 costed me $300 and I get an internal battery, with more capabilities and so on so forth, its more of a gimmick than anything really useful.100% returning this after using it for a bit longer seeing if I can get anything out of it.The glasses are definitely quite nice, it comes with a black out filter so you can only see the screen, I find this useful in ways that you could watch a pirated movie on it, although you can also do the same with your TV by connecting a PC or another external device, I was hoping it would have controls such as hand tracking, comparing this to the OCQuest2 which has hand tracking is fair considering this costs more and has nearly the same capabilities simply compacted into a pair of thick battery free glasses.You could actually play on your Xbox/PS with an Oculus Quest 2 for a cheaper price with higher frame rate and private spacing compared to these glasses (watch youtube to find how)All in All in my opinion not worth it, it needs more time to be better and actually useful. These couldn’t be used outside due to the fact it needs to be plugged in everywhere, I would personally say this is false advertising due to the lack of features promised and advertised as. Reviews are way too friendly.

  14. Aaron Cru

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Set your expecations, and its a GREAT virtual screen

    Definitely an “Early adopter” kind of device, not ready for the general public. However, for my use-case as a gamer and constant traveler for work, these are absolutely worth it even at it’s $379 price tag.Pairing with my Steam Deck/iPad/Macbook means I get a private, massive screen on long flights for movies and games, and it’s a lot less bulk than trying to carry an additional USB-C monitor.Even though Nreal are making constant updates and improvements to the AR, it still isn’t as flushed out as it could be for general usages. Much of the actual AR uses are pretty minimal, and honestly kind of gimmicky.Overall:Don’t expect it to change your life, but if you temper your expectations, its a great little device well worth the price for certain people.

  15. Sage

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    I wanted to fall in love: but my heart got broken :'(

    Between- The frequent pairing issues- Finding affordable prescriptions,- The lack of support to charge while using them,- The cumbersome USB hub/power brick/hdmi to usb c and cables setup,- The people reporting damaged left screens and getting charged 150$ by nreal to replace if bought on ebay or Amazon Japan.- The lack of 3DOF support without a restricted Nebula app.- The lack of 3rd party app support.- Restricted to update firmware only through Edge or Chrome and not Firefox (and updating on linux with chrome was not supported… fine).- The fact that these won’t work and only display a white image with my phone (LG V20 which is confirmed to support DP alt mode).- The fact that the Nebula app won’t install at all on most phones, even if I only want to update firmware.- The fact that on the Steam Deck you are locked to 30 fps and stuttering in gaming mode and has been a known issue for many months and reddit user complaints.-The fact that for people with bigger heads (6’2″) the arms dig into the side of my temples without the ability to adjust, causing pain after 30 minutes.Ah… I wanted to fall in love with these. The best part was sitting in bed without straining my neck to look over at a screen and the phenomenal 1080p OLED display. But it seems, the support around the hardware is just not there. And after surfing on reddit for months to see other peoples experiences, I recognize that I am not alone in my frustrations.I am honestly excited for this tech to mature, maybe in a couple years, and certainly for no more than half the price… maybe 300$…Many of us just want a functioning 2nd monitor 1080p OLED glasses, and these may work for your use case scenario. For me, they fall just short… and even when they do work, which would only really be with my laptop for now, I would just feel like I dropped 420$ taxed shipped just to wish for it to work better with the steam deck gaming, with my phones DP alt mode, and with charging while using the glasses, but every time I look at the glasses I cannot feel like I got what I paid for. I want to keep these as I do feel excited using them at times, but, after trying them extensively, and really wanting to make it work, I cannot in good consciousness, recommend these to the average person.The glasses display technology is.. 3.5/5 maybe 4/5 assuming no major future design flaws, the OLED’s are phenomenal on their own merit.The software restrictions, the firmware that has pairing issues with many devices and adapters, and the reported repair support is 2/5 at best.

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  16. Micah F.

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not quite there yet

    To say I was excited to try this is an understatement. I was so pumped to use this but after just a few days trying to not have buyers remorse and give it a fair shake I stuck with it but ultimately I made the decision to return it for a few reasons.1. The virtual screen size does not feel as big as advertised. It’s definitely cool to be able to not have to hold my phone up while watching in bed but honestly it’s not worth close to $400 for what is basically a slightly larger screen.2. The AR experience through the nebula app seems very limited and the amount of available apps is frustratingly small. I didn’t like the way the photo app seems to display a lot of my pics as rotated with no clear way to change the orientation.3. The audio handoff when Bluetooth headphones are connected isn’t as seamless as I would’ve liked. I had to disconnect and reconnect them to get audio to not route through the glasses.I had really high hopes for this but unfortunately it just isn’t the experience I was hoping for. I wish the FOV was bigger so it actually felt like I was watching on a larger screen.

  17. Kevin Blackburn

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Good With Steam Deck But…

    I can’t attest to the full feature set of this device because I don’t own a compatible Android device, and I do not have the iOS adapter. My use case is limited to using in conjunction with my Steam Deck, and only my Steam Deck.The Nreal Air glasses work well with the Deck, and do exactly what the box says it’ll do. They project an image of the display with no alternate reality features. Because it’s an OLED display, colors are more vivid than the Deck’s LCD display. The screen door effect is minimal, basically nonexistent, which is huge. However, it’s not the sharpest image, and this becomes a problem with small text or HUD elements in games. The Deck’s LCD is definitely sharper. The speakers work too, but just wear headphones, they’re about as good as drivers that tiny could be.As for long term comfort, they are lightweight for what they are thanks to the fact that there’s no battery. The arms do squeeze my head tight though, to the point where after an hour or two, I have to take them off to relieve the pressure. The arms are adjustable and flexible, but apparently not enough for me. Your mileage may vary there. Otherwise, they fit my head well. The arms are long enough, and the nose bridge is adjustable enough to get the glasses to fit exactly where you want them. Another point is that if you wear corrective lenses, you will have to either pop contacts in, or take advantage of the prescription nose frame they provide. I’m not spending more money on lenses, so contacts it is.Overall, I’m not sure I should have spent the money on these. They work great, but their use case is very specific for me personally, I have only one compatible device, and I have to put my contacts in to use the glasses. I can’t see myself using them a lot, and I may not keep them long term. But I will take them with me when I travel!

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  18. Homershk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Kidding me? This is fantastic

    Been using these Nreals for 3 days now.On my laptop, a Samsung less than a year old, it’s just plug&play. No Air-cast vs Air-play options. You’ll get a huge screen, maybe 130″ is correct. By the way, strangely enough the screen is not recognized as an extended screen! Audio is very good, one doesn’t need to use earphones although it obviously improves the experience. Now my blind-typing course (done as a teenager) really pays off as I can work/type without seeing the keyboard.I often use these glasses on my laptop for video/photo editing but mundane tasks such as answering emails are perfect too. Would not recommend using them a whole working day though.By the way, when using with a laptop you can’t adjust the virtual screen height/dept/width, none of that. Only the brightness. I find it sometimes hard to see the top of the screen which can be annoying. But overall a great experience and, for me, already worth the money.On my phone, a Samsung S22, it’s just fantastic. You can opt to use these glasses as a conventional screen which is now an option under the AIR CASTING option.Once again you can’t adjust height/dept/width; it’s fixed. You can navigate from your phone (so you need to look down real-world in order to choose options) or on-screen with your phone acting like a mousepad. I prefer that virtual option although it’s not really so relevant because you will hardly use AIR CASTING on your phone.Instead, on the phone, you will mostly use the AIR SPACE option. Now a whole new world opens up. It’s easier if you go to Youtube to learn more about the AIR SPACE way of interacting with these glasses. It will take some time getting used to the laser-pointer (which often gets lost but long-pressing the home button resets it). You can have 3 screens running simultaneously with head-tracking on or off. Absolutely amazing. Is it very useful having multi-screens you wonder? I think it is. Thing is; even if you find the AIR SPACE way of interacting too difficult or cumbersome, this device already is a great purchase just as a screen extender..One major issue is battery life. It will drain your mobile phone battery very fast..Overall, IMO highly recommended. If you know of any better virtual glass options, go ahead and purchase those. Most reviews point out these Nreals are the best option for now. Of course you can opt to sitting on the fence until the ultimate virtual glasses device comes along. That’d be at least a year or 2 I reckon. During those 24 months I’m going to have a lot of fun with these Nreal Air’s 🙂

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  19. Thomas fenn

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I love these glasses for my ps5

    I take my ps5 with me in my work van everyday these have made it amazing to use in the car now. Only thing I didn’t like is I needed the battery adapter to go from HDMI to the glasses. Battery would last about 3 hours then had to charge it. After some digging I found a cable on here https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0B5XBYQSM?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_titleNow I don’t need the battery pack.Over all really like the glasses now. I use them at home to play also cause my kids own my tv now lol.

  20. Joseph Driskell

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    just ok

    It is just ok, the audio sucks and blast out to everyone, I do not know why they didn make a little half cup or turn the speakers sideways instead they chose to shoot them straight down to bounce the sound everywhere but in your ear.They need a charge/connect inline splicer so I dont have to buy the one off alibaba for $20 and wait a month ( it works great though ). The clarity and stuff is fine, they work better on a dark plane than in a lobby or anywhere there is a lot of ambiant light. They worked on my ipad and my fold3 just perfect without even using the software. I can continue watching Plex on bothe devices and hit the power button to disable the screens on both of my devices. I dont know what people are talking about when they say you have to keep your device screen on, I don’t but I have mainly used this for watching PLEX and some light gaming with my bluetooth controller. its fine, I was expecting more for the price tag. They are very light and easy to travel with. I wish they had an aircast feature so they could connect to my phone as a hotspot and have plex and youtube aircast to them. then I could just use a power brick in my back pocket and not be bound up with cable to my giant ipad or phone.

  21. richard hofecker

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Cool. Has a lot of bugs but cool

  22. Jonathon VanSlyke

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great concept, but does not work with my phone.

    I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now, so I finally pulled the trigger and ordered them. I was hoping to use them to watch downloaded videos while flying, but alas, they don’t work with my Samsung Z Flip 4 5g. And, since the Flip 4 doesn’t have DeX, I couldn’t even us them as an external monitor.I did try them with my wife’s Samsung S21 Ultra 5g, which is on their compatability list, and DeX worked fine, but I could not get the AR Space in the Nebula app to work. I tried checking firmware, and making sure the app was updated, but kept getting an error.The packaging is great. The case that comes with it is also great, and can hold everything you need to use the glasses. The fit and comfort were awesome compared to my Occulus Quest 2 (I know, not a fair comparison). I could easily see through the waveguides when the displays were turned off, and the DeX display was crisp and clear in a low-lit room. I didn’t try them in bright light. I am slightly near sighted, so the display was fuzzy, and I would definitely need to get and use the corrective lenses, but it is great that they give you the holder (the most elegant lens holder I have seen so far). The vertical size of the corrective lenses is great for me, because I don’t need corrective lenses for close in work, and I can look under the lenses to see my phone, or align with a keyboard.The hardware seems really thought out. They will be a great product when the software catches up. I really wish they worked with my phone. I would definitely keep them.UPDATE: I have decided to keep the glasses and get a phone that is compatible with them. I also have the ability to use them with my work computer, which makes them even more useful.

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  23. monosuperboss

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    good concept, very fragile

    i bought these a few months ago and i don’t entirely regret them, they’re great for watching in bed, they’re convenient adn have an incredible screen. However, be careful when handling them; these may be glasses but they are not to be handled like them. their plastic frames are easily broken and audio may cut out after a while. While i do acknowledge the fact these are very much meant for early adopters, the micro-OLED displays are very much susceptible to burn-in. after a while any task bar icons or static images will show up as burn-in. while not extremely noticeable, i do not recommend setting these as your main display. with that in mind, with the advances in OLED technology and how early this kind of product is, if you’re someone who watches alot of videos in bed or on the go, these can very well work for you. overall, my experience with these are so far very good despite a broken left arm where the cable plugs in. I was easily able to remedy that with duct tape and some finagling to keep the audio working meaning that, while the arms are not strong, the important bits inside of them are very much resilient.

  24. DoingStuffWithTech

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    PSA: Make sure the Seller is Xreal authorized. Otherwise no manufacturer warranty support.

    Xreal only warranties through Xreal authorized sellers. MAKE SURE “SOLD BY” is Xreal Direct

  25. CD

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    No AR in windows.

    Let me start by saying this is not me hating on the NREAL Airs. I really like them. Most of the things I will talk about are for windows users. I have zero complaints on the phone side of things using an LG v60 Thinq. I understand this was not designed for windows. Its just what I use it for with my AYA neo AIR. The OLEDs have amazing color and great brightness. playing games on this is amazing. And I figure if NREAL lets me push them to higher refresh rate in windows it will only get better,Looks great a bit blurry on the edges. I read these as 90hz. They only show up as 60hz. Tried 72hz by making a custom rez in windows its works. Looks to me like some of the OLED is not being used for some reason so 1920×1080 doesn’t seem to be max size. No support for SBS 3d even though would be perfect on this. ZERO windows AR support. No AR desktop like in the add unless you are running a mac. I am guessing porting the software from android to mac was easier because they are both ARM based apps. I travel a lot for work so I was really wanting this.Some notes for the future. This device would be ideal for privacy and yet they have speakers on them. I would have went with bone conducting tech myself instead. The lack of AR makes most of the tech inside the glasses other then the OLEDS pointless for PC users. Tried to sideload the app in windows 11 subsystem for android but the app won’t even let me test to see if it would work because of a hardware check. seems like I should be able to bypass this check and try for myself. No current ICC profiles are available for calibrating the screen. Optics are much more blurry at the bottom then the top. So make using them in windows tuff with a blurry task bar. Need to make a PD charging device so if people are using this on their phones they dont have to choose between charging phone and using the glasses.All and all I would say they are great glasses. But the software support just isn’t their for me… YET I am sure nreal will capitalize on the flood of people interested in these for laptops steam decks and other portable PCs. I am happy they are selling them in USA now.Thanks NREAL TEAM!

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  26. Matthew Devers

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Glad I purchased

    I originally placed an order for the Virtue One XR glasses which have some cool sounding features. After seeing a review of the Nreal Air on the Phawx’s youtube, I decided to give these a try since the Virture One where constantly being delayed.I also decided I didn’t need half of the additional features the Virture One offered. The tint control sounds good but after using the Nreal’s, I believe you would either have them fully tinted or use the black out covers. When watching videos you want it as dark as possible and the Nreal’s do a good job at this. If too bright you need the blackout cover, I doubt reducing the tint of the glass would be useful in any scenario.Without these features I believe the Nreal Air’s are lighter and therefore more comfortable. I do find them to not be a perfect fit on me as the arms on the right side tend to dig into my head. We are all different shapes so you’re mileage may vary! I think I can solve this with some comfort pads on the arms which i’ve seen available here on Amazon.The picture quality is awesome. From watching movies and TV to playing games via Steam Link, moonlight of Xbox Gamepass, the experience is brilliant. If you fly a lot or can’t always use the TV, these will be great. I think my Oculus Quest will gather dust since I mainly used it for a big screen experience which this does without the heavy device strapped to your face.As some info on my experience, I’ve been using VR since the Oculus Rift original dev kit and believe XR glasses are much better for media usage. Gaming in VR is still cool but if you are just after a big screen, this is the way.

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  27. Andy

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Niche Product, Still Feels Like An Early Alpha Product

    Image quality was actually better once my eyes got used to it.FULL REVIEW:IMAGE QUALITY: 7/10Corners of images are a little fuzzy due to the nature of how they’re viewed. After getting used to using the glasses, images are pretty good/decent.SOUND QUALITY: 2/10They’re just bad. Better to use ear buds as an alternative for sounds qualityCOMFORT: 4/10It does come with 3 different nose pieces to make it a good distance, but having to have a cord over your left shoulder and having the bulge (for the projector thing) almost constantly poking my eyelash is annoyingAPP/AR Support: 1/10In it’s current state, it’s basically overglorified and only allows web browsers to be popped up and also has issues with keeping things in front of you in a specific area. It’ll move the items left/right based on what it perceives you were originally lookingSamsung Dex support: 10/10Works out of the box, but it’s basically having the Dex window in front of your eyes at all timesVISIBILITY/TRANSPARENCY (while just wearing the glasses): 10/10Unless you’re hyper focused on the content you’re viewing, you can pretty much see in front of you. Think of… { transparency: 0.5 }. Can’t use with USB-C dock though (or at least the one I have). Tried to have ethernet to phone, PD and use the NReal at the same time, didn’t workOVERALL: 6/10Not bad product if you want to watch movies on the go and not bad for streaming games (with minor stutters). Just very… niche. In its current state, I can’t say I’d recommend it. The AR experience is very limited and ends up just as a glorified browser used for YouTube. The struggle to get it working on my Samsung Fold4 and Samsung S21 Ultra was the worst and the APP also needs improvement as it only ever states the device isn’t supported when the S21 Ultra model was listed in “supported devices.” Had to finagle and search all over Google to find out that specific settings on my Samsung need to be disabled. The thick wire hanging over my ear isn’t a deal killer, but the projector bump at the top was protruding out so much that my eyelashes were touching and agitating my eyes, detracting from my experience. If you’re fine with it, good. Kudos to you, it may be worth it.

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  28. N. Whitaker

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    These would be great… if the apps worked.

    I’m an early adopter and technophile. I have an Oculus Rift, Quest 2, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap Day One Edition, and more. I followed the story of a start-up called Magic Leap and their bold promises and marketing videos. I purchased their Day One edition and toyed with their development kit. I followed the story of one of their employees who allegedly engaged in corporate espionage and returned to China with technological secrets and founded Nreal with promises of an AR system the approximate size of sunglasses (the lawsuit was later dismissed). Lo and behold the Nreal Air!I hungrily devoured early reviews of various interweb tech influencers and ordered my pair immediately. The glasses arrived weeks earlier than anticipated and I immediately vaulted them onto my face. Then took them back off so I could install their Nebula dashboard. Nebula has a neat interface and adds a three-dimensional depth to regular photos with a bit of a parallax effect added to pictures that is hard to explain but rather amazing to see. I observed this when browsing the web, the Amazon store, and similar sites.I then installed Maze, PupPup, and Photo Gun… which is where the low-star review comes in. These apps are all made and released by Nreal so there is absolutely no excuse as to why they will not function on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra… but they don’t work. The Unity loading screen appears and then they all crash. This is unacceptable. If a phone this powerful can’t run the applications what chance does anyone have?The Teleport app was the one exception in that this app actually functioned… sort of. Teleport is best described as place-based chatrooms… except the chatrooms are currently vacant and the imagery is terrifyingly incomplete ultra-low quality renderings of whatever these real-world places are supposed to be. They’re like fragments of broken memories. This dystopian alternative techno-world does not even approach the uncanny valley, it stops a few blocks away and sits on a curb watching traffic pass by. I’m going to have to give this app a “fail” for now as well. You’d think Nreal would have invested in some quality imagery for these AR experiences or at the very least sent a five-year-old out with a low-resolution camera, but nope, they didn’t even do that.Another important feature, or rather missing feature, is any outward-facing sensors. This lack of sensors means these glasses lack the ability to have gesture recognition. You’re currently stuck to using a laser-pointer-like cursor that AR beams out of your cell phone which is very similar to the Magic Leap in that you have to hold a physical controller. You can certainly utilize Bluetooth interfaces like keyboards and such as well. However, there are not pinch, dab, or other gestures such as with the HoloLens.I wish I could use these with YouTube’s VR videos… nope. I’m going to try some 360 images and videos from my 360 camera and see if those will do anything special but my hopes are not high.It is important to note that these glasses do not have a battery or processor as they piggyback on your phone. The pro is that these glasses can potentially have a longer useful life as long as the phone or device you are using has a USB-C port.Due to the lack of functioning Nreal apps, I currently cannot give a rating on these being AR glasses. They are amazing quality monitors but currently nothing more than that until the AR features function. At this price point, I am exceedingly disappointed and would not recommend these to others. Wait for Nreal to get their act together and release functioning apps and a better way to interface with controls. These are neat but not yet worth the expense.If the apps function or Nreal releases a substantial update to the quality of their software, I’ll revisit this rating and adjust it appropriately.

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  29. Glenn Brensinger

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really cool, but very dependent on having good eyes

    It works as advertised. I’ve used it on a Steam Deck and a Nintendo Switch, and it makes the screen HUGE. I’ve also used it on a MacBook M1 Pro. The macOS app lets you define additional desktops, which you can switch to by turning your head. Currently no Windows support but I think I just saw an article that it’s coming soon.The glasses come with a few different sized nose pieces to hold the unit at the right spot. The problem I have is with my vision. You’re looking at a virtual screen that is several virtual feet away, but it’s right in front of your eyes. Do you need correction for close-up or far distance reading? For a game it doesn’t often matter but if you’re using it for work that requires reading something, it might be hard to focus. I wear contact lenses or glasses. I’m not sure what prescription to use if I order one of the prescription inserts. Do I go with my glasses prescription, or with a magnifier for reading glasses + contact lens? I’ll have to experiment.

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  30. ssimms

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really cool, not the most to do

    Ive had this product for about a month, and these glasses are so great. I’m a VR enthusiast, and I got these while waiting for what I hope to be the fully realized version of mixed reality glasses-the Apple glasses. So I got these as a placeholder.You can purchase prescription inserts for these, and they just look like normal shades without up close inspection. I haven’t tried gaming, but it is really great for watching YouTube or any streaming app you have on your phone. The digital pet is cute, and there are a few nice apps. Sadly there aren’t many yet, so not much to do other than watch mediaThere have been a couple of bugs so far with apps, but it works really well other wise. I am really glad I bought them so far.

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  31. Thomas Lee

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A Mixed Bag with huge potential: NREAL Air Review

    One Month Update – 6/8/2023Over the past month, these AR glasses have proven to be more versatile and useful than I initially anticipated, effectively integrating into my daily routine and offering a fresh perspective on my digital interactions.Usability: The glasses have become a convenient companion during light walks and for watching YouTube videos, offering an immersive, mobile experience. Coupled with the screen scaling option on my Steam Deck, they’ve truly shined.Productivity: Although the lack of a fixed workspace presents certain challenges, for video consumption, these glasses excel and offer a unique viewing experience.Battery Life: A full charge provides around 2-3 hours of use. For uninterrupted enjoyment, I recommend keeping your devices fully charged.Innovation: Despite some initial hiccups, these glasses represent a fascinating first step in AR technology. They’ve reshaped how I interact with my digital environment, hinting at the potential future of this technology.A significant shift in my user experience occurred when I decided to remove the light blockers. Initially, they caused nausea and felt uncomfortable. However, when removed, the device transitioned into a more traditional AR setting, allowing clear visibility of my surroundings. This change proved to be much easier on both my eyes and mind, enhancing my overall user experience.In light of these experiences and the flexibility of the device to cater to different user preferences, I am upgrading my rating from 3 stars to 4. Despite a few early-stage quirks, the AR glasses have made a positive impression and left me excited about the future of AR technology.Pros:Impressive text clarity, surpassing many VR devicesComfortable to wear with minimal fatigue after extended useSmooth experience with Netflix, YouTube, and similar contentCompatibility with various platforms including Samsung Dex, iPad, and MacCons:Static screen moves with every tilt of the head, hampering productivity tasksIssues with YouTube TV on iPadInconsistent experience across different platformsNoticeable circular fringe on lenses caused by light prismsGoggles’ cover is smaller than the actual glasses, making it a tight fitLack of critical reviews on platforms like YouTubeThe NREAL Air goggles, while promising, present a mixed bag of experiences. They have some commendable features, but there are several areas where they fall short of expectations.Starting with the positives, the text clarity is impressive, surpassing many VR devices I’ve used. This makes it a decent choice for movie viewing. The comfort of wearing the goggles is also noteworthy. I didn’t experience much fatigue even after extended use, which is a significant plus. Watching Netflix, YouTube, and other similar content was a smooth experience, adding to the device’s appeal.However, the static screen that moves with every tilt of your head can be disconcerting. This feature, while tolerable for movies, hampers productivity tasks like working on Excel or Word documents. I also encountered issues with the goggles working with YouTube TV on an iPad, which was a letdown.The device’s compatibility with various platforms is a plus, but the experience is inconsistent. It worked well with my Samsung phone and Samsung Dex, and even with an iPad, though I encountered some HDCP issues that prevented video playback on the goggles. The Nebula app for Mac was the best fit, but the 16:9 aspect ratio limited its usability. Unfortunately, the PC experience was limited due to the lack of a Nebula app, resulting in a locked location. As for the Steamdeck, the experience varied depending on the game. Some games felt jarring and uncomfortable, detracting from the overall enjoyment. However, other games were quite enjoyable, making the experience a mixed bag.The quality of the lenses is satisfactory, but there’s a noticeable circular fringe caused by light prisms, which can be distracting, especially when viewing bright content. This issue seems inherent to the lens design and is unlikely to be fixable via software updates.The goggles’ cover is another area of concern. It’s smaller than the actual glasses, making it a tight fit. I found the device more comfortable and immersive without the cover, despite the resultant washed-out picture and screen reflections.In conclusion, the NREAL Air has potential but falls short in its current iteration. It’s not as productive as I had hoped, and the screen lock to head movement can be problematic. It needs significant improvements, perhaps in a second or third generation, to truly shine. For now, I remain on the fence about this product.

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  32. Sam

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My impressions are good and it’s good enough to keep

    Experience on a Samsung Note 8Samsung Note 8 is NOT is the list of supported phones, but I tried to install the Nebula app through the play store anyway.It took over 3 tries to get the Nebula app to install on my Samsung Note 8. I’m not sure if it was a phone space issue as I had over 1GB free, but after removing some apps and trying to reinstall twice, I was pleasantly surprised when it managed to install.I’m not sure if I needed the app as connecting the glasses to the Note 8 was recognized by the Samsung. I think this is because Samsung Note 8 has support for Samsung DEX. And it work well with the glasses. I now have a fuller desktop experience from my phone without a monitor. I never used Samsung DEX until I got the glasses. The phone can be used as a track pad, but some juggling is required if you need to type with the phone as you’ll need to move the glass or look below or above the glasses to see what you’re typing.The other mode that worked for me was mirroring the phone screen on the glasses. This works on the Note 8 app also without the Nebula app but the app maybe needed for other phone that do not have native support. The AR feature on the Nebula app was disabled on app but Casting feature was enabled. The casting feature seems to work like the native Note 8 screen share, so I don’t have a use for the app on the Note 8.The ScreenThe screen is gorgeous as OLED technology is great for rich colors and dark blacks. Better experience than most monitor not factoring the lower resolution of the glasses. The resolution is just good enough. Any lower I think I would have issues as I do think a 1920×1080 screen is the lowest resolution I would comfortably use for a device.Nebula App on the Mac.The Mac M1 App is still in beta as of 12/6/2022 (time of this review).I was really nicely surprised when this worked. I thought since the AR feature on the Nebula phone app was disabled, I would not be able to experience this, but it works on the Mac M1 app.I think there’s a gyroscope that can detect when I’m looking straight vs when my headed is turned. The application allows three screens to be created (there’s an option for 2 screens also). For the three screens, can put an application in front of me and two to the side that I can turn my head to glance at. I think this would be good for portable multiscreen setup without carrying additional monitors.Sometimes, the app doesn’t work and there’s some tinkering to get it to work. But once working, it seems to be stable enough for me to use it in the future.Also videos from Amazon Prime did not display in the Nebula app but worked outside of it. I could get multiple youtube streams to play but not sure if that’s of much use. I think the Nebula app acts as a intermediary layer to create the multiple screens and maybe Amazon’s content protection can’t get past it. I’m not sure.Single screen setup where the glasses is an mirroring or extending the MAC display without the Nebula seems to work fine.Chromebooks and LaptopsI tried the glasses on 2 Chromebook and 2 laptops.I have a higher end 4K Chromebook that supports a 4K screen and the glasses works well with it and displays in the glasses’ full HD resolution.I have another lower end 1388×768 Chromebook and the glasses works, but only displays at 1388×768. This is a limitation on the Chromebook video hardware or driver.I have a Asus Zephyrus ZG14 gaming laptop a couple of years old with a RTX 2080 video card and the glasses work with that laptop. I don’t think there’s a windows Nebula app. Playing games on the glasses is doable. I only tried Cyberpunk 2077 and Flight Simulator 2020.The Cyberpunk 2077 worked fine but I’m not really gamer. I just ran it to see how the game would run on the glasses. There’s no Nebula App on windows (I don’t believe) but it would be amazing for Flight Sim to work with he glasses with 3 screens. With just one screen, flight sim works fine as the glasses is just another monitor.There’s one odd experience with the glasses however, when the plane is turning, I typically tilt my head to keep my view aligned with the ground. This work for a fixed monitor, but the glasses turn with your head. This was disorienting and make flight sim not so useable with the glasses.For the above, 3 I just connected the cable just connects USB-C to the USB-C port on the laptops. No HDMI cable needed. I think the USB-C port needs to have display capability.My work laptop should have worked with the glasses but connecting the glasses did nothing. It’s a later model laptop also with full USB-C charging and supports 2 external monitors at work. I’m able to use a graphics tablet/display with the usb-c port so I’m not sure why the glasses would not work with the laptop.I think another good use of the glasses is for drone piloting, but I’m not sure if this will work unless your setup has a separate HDMI setup. The usb-c plug of the drone controller is connected to the phone so there’s not a way to connect the glasses to the phone for the HDMI out. There is an adapter for iPhones, but I’m not sure if this would work with my setup.Hope this helps someone looking into getting these glasses.Good enough me for to keep.

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  33. Paul

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Feels like the future

    I’ve owned these glasses for a week now and think as long as you know and understand the limitations, there is no better product for the price. These are NOT VR glasses, AR with these seems mostly like a gimmick at this point in time. They work great as a giant screen on your face. Putting them on the first time felt like I was just thrown into the future.I work in tech and am also a tech enthusiast. I’ve used these glasses so far with a steam deck, iPad, Macbook, and Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra. I’m keeping them mainly to use with my Macbook, S20, and steam deck. All for slightly different reasons. I’ve used the glasses for about 20 hours total over the last week.Starting with the glasses themselves, I mainly bought them to use as a giant screen on my face, and they excel at that. The FOV is narrower than i’m used to with VR headsets, but in this case it works in Nreal’s favor since the lower FOV means a higher pixel density and things are very clear. Much clearer than I thought 1080p screens would be. Text is totally readable and there is no screen door effect like with my Quest 2 VR headset. The only part of the screen that gets a little weird is the top of the screen if the glasses sit too low on my nose or the bottom outside corners of the screen if it sits too high. My IPD is 69, so i’m a little on the wider side but when I get the glasses situated on my face correctly, I can see the entire screen. The colors are very vibrant (more so in dark rooms rather during the day but even during the day its bright enough to see just fine)Comfort wise, the nose pads aren’t bad for short sessions, but anything longer than an hour or so and it makes me wish they were a little softer or some sort of memory foam or something other than tiny silicon pads. The glasses themselves are also a little short on the ear bars so the curve on the ear bars don’t wrap around my ears like they really should, the clamping pressure is also a little tight for my head but not bad enough to cause me headaches or anything like that. Just a little sore after a few hours. I do wish the glasses were overall a little bigger, i think they would be a lot more comfortable (at least for me)The included shade works really well, I wish the glasses themselves didn’t have tint so if I want to use it with my macbook its not like i’m looking through sunglasses to my macbook. I’d rather have clear lenses and the option to put on the shade to black it out if I want to only use the Nreal glasses as my screen.I do like the glasses do not have any battery in them and pulls power off of the device you plug into. Makes the glasses light and extremely portable.iPad use – basically acts like you just plugged in an external monitor, it mirrors the screen and if you go to watch a video it’ll throw the video to the glasses. Nothing super amazing and I don’t like that I can’t turn the iPad screen off. Thats not Nreal’s fault though, thats on apple.Steam deck use – These work really well with the steam deck. The steam deck screen turns off and you get a big screen in front of you. Its great. Battery life on the steam deck seems about the same using the glasses vs using the screen on the steam deck. Its really comfortable to not have to look down at the screen.Macbook Pro m1 – This is where Nreal’s Nebula software really shines. Basically it tricks your Macbook into putting 3 virtual screens in space above your actual Macbook. The middle screen is the same as your Macbook screen but you can look left and right and see the other two screens. Very nice for productivity and I see myself using this extensively while working. I just wish the glasses themselves had clear lenses so if the shade wasn’t I could still see my Macbook screen clearly.Samsung S20 Ultra – This is where these really shine IMO. There are a couple ways you can use the glasses with android phones. Mirroring the screen (pretty much the same experience as the iPad, functional but not great), the Nebula app (Feels like a gimmick, the software maturity isn’t there to be useful yet IMO), or in Samsung Dex mode.Dex mode is the best mode for this. Basically gives you a full size desktop screen in the glasses like you are on a computer and all your android apps work within it in windowed or full screen mode. Pairing an xbox controller to the phone and then using xbox gamepass, or steam link to stream games from my gaming PC is really amazing that something so portable can give you such a great experience. Put the phone on a wireless charger and you can basically play games as long as you want. Watching TV from hulu, netflix, plex, etc also just works. I can see this being amazing for flying, long car rides, train rides, in bed while sick, etc.These are expensive but this is the first piece of technology i’ve used in a while where i’ve felt this amazed and excited for what the future holds for this kind of product. I think its worth the price of entry, but its much more an accessory to devices you may already have rather than a main device so my recommendation is to look at what you have and if you would benefit with your current devices or not. For me, it does but I can understand where it wouldn’t for a lot of people at this point in time.

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  34. M. Durkin

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Know what you are buying….

    Let me start this review by confirming that there is nothing misrepresented or misstated by the manufacturer with regards to the product. It does work as advertised. My reason for rating this a 3 is more about what is not communicated than what is. If your use case for this is as a second (extended) phone screen, this review is probably not for you. If you use case is for a second or extended desktop for your computer, this review applies to you.I should also mention that I suspected some of the limitations would be the case before I bought it and I bought it anyway. I am planning on keeping it despite the limitations because I do see some value in the device.I am not a novice to AR or Virtual workspaces. I have used Oculus with Horizon workrooms and ImmersedVr for about 18 months. I love those, they work very well in general, but there are some problems that I was hoping to address with these glasses. The first problem was that I didn’t want to have to have my device on the same wireless network to have virtual monitors. The second was the size for travel. Depending upon how I am traveling, I was hoping to not bring my oculus headsets, they take up too much space. Also, the requirement for Oculus to have a ‘space’ makes it sometimes difficult to use (you have to set up a stationary area or desk). Anyway, I thought this would be easier to use for plane travel and to not have to set up a desk, and that is true. The other thing was the lighting. Oculus requires just the right amount of light. Not too much, not too little. Sometimes that is hard to achieve. Particularly when I am traveling and working outside at a campground. I have an elaborate set-up to make sure that the lighting is right and it is a lot to travel with and control throughout the day. I wanted to get away from that. These also do that pretty well.So far, I haven’t really give a reason to rate it a 3, bear with me, I am about to. I knew that when I bought these that there is also a lighting requirement, though I reasoned that they would be somewhat better than the Oculus (less sensitive to lighting). They pretty much are, but there is still a problem. In my home office, I can absolutely control the light (I have smart lights, can adjust the colors, brightness, the ‘temperature’ (hue, warmth etc) of the lights, so not really a problem here. But when you are traveling, you can not generally do that. nReal has a solution for that though, and here is where the problem is. You can black out the screen by putting the shade over the lenses, those will completely black out the screen and your monitors are vivid and easy to see. Unfortunately, you lose the AR aspect of this completely. You can not see your keyboard at all, this makes sense right? I mean you completely covered up your glasses. I was worried about this, but hoped that the nReal would be less sensitive to the light. Hopefully NReal will offer the ability for virtual keyboards in the future like you can with Oculus (you have to have supported virtual keyboards, which I do).There are some other things that I didn’t like about using this as virtual monitor. I do have the M1 MAC with Apple Silicon (the only supported computer for nReal desktop), which is the ONLY reason that I purchased this. with this app, you can launch up to three virtual monitors. That is similar to Oculus Horizon Workrooms and two less than you can get with ImmersedVr. I got the desktop to work after activating my glasses with my android phone, it is a pretty basic app. You can adjust the distance, size and angle of the monitors, but that is it. You can not adjust the arc of the displays, which looks very amateurish in the glasses. The screens are flat, even when you change the angle. You can not make the screens curved, which is a more natural view. Hopefully this will come in a future update. You can not adjust the resolution of your monitors (you can’t in Horizon workroom either, but you can in ImmersedVr).I wear glasses, which I can’t with these glasses. They do provide you with a pair of half spectacles that I suppose you can get a prescription in, but I have yet to figure that out. It should be noted that the half glasses are more for reading things that are AR (not the virtual monitors) and would be useless if you have the blackout covers on the glasses. That aside, I was able to see the screens pretty clearly by adjusting the size of the virtual screens and the distance from my view in the nReal desktop app for Apple silicon. That brings the next problem. To make it readable, I needed to make the screen larger and move it closer to my face. When I did that, I could only see a portion of the screen. It’s kind of like if you are reading something with a magnifying glass. You have to pan the magnifying glass across the thing that you are reading and you get an exploded view of what you are reading, but the other part is not readable. It’s kind of like that. I appreciate that it is adjustable, but there is a-lot of work that needs to be done here to make this a viable product for computer AR glasses.Other things that were annoying… There is light coming in from the sides of the glasses, this is very distracting. it would be better if there were some kind of side blocking that reduced or eliminated the side light. Oculus makes a much more immersive environment.The tethered cable is short. I wish it were about three feet longer. My computer is normally on a stand about 2 feet from me. I have to more or less sit with my stomach right up to the desk to use this with my computer on it’s stand. I have to move the computer to make this comfortable.When I made my virtual desktop (citrix) full screen, it locked up the glasses and the only way to recover was to shut them off and reconnect them. The first time it happened I thought it might have been coincidence, so I tested it three times. All three times the glasses locked up. This is a bit of a problem because when you make the virtual desktop full screen, it changes the screen resolution to that monitor that you make it full screen on. This makes is much easier to read small fonts, which I have to deal with when programming during my daily work. I can get around this by adjusting the individual application fonts, but that is annoying and not something that I have to do with Horizon workroom or ImmersedVR. You should be able to full-screen an app without locking up the glasses.Also, when you move your head, the screen moves with you, but it can be very awkward with the motion tracking. Sometimes it doesn’t track well. You can adjust the height of the screens in your view as well as the right to left placement, but not the tilt (or at least I do not see how). There is very little instruction on how to use this device and the documentation is poor. I understand the virtual desktop app (Nebula for Mac) is in beta. It has been in beta for over a year and doesn’t seem to have gotten any better from what I can tell.All in all, these are OK, but need a-lot of work. If you are using this to extend your android phone, it does that fairly well. If you are wanting to use these as a virtual workspace for your MAC M1 with Apple silicon, this is definitely a lacking product for that.

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  35. Timairee S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth being called Stevie Wonder by my loved ones…

    Update: I had an old pair of glasses with broken frames on hand. With those, I was able to remove the lenses from the frames and drill two holes into each lens to mount to the included frame Nreal sends for prescription glasses. Very surprised that I was able to do this without any equipment outside of an eyeglass repair kit. I used a small phillips head and flat head screwdriver from the kit interchangeably to drill the holes by hand. It took.. awhile. I was able to get the holes to line up well by removing the included lenses from the frames that Nreal sends to line up over the lens I was going to modify. I still need an updated prescription, but this is excellent until I get the new lenses and small text is MUCH clearer.I have had these things for about two days and already in love with them. It should also be noted that I wear glasses, although my vision isn’t so bad that I can’t enjoy these AR glasses without the prescription lenses. Next week, I have an eye appointment to replace my current prescription glasses so I’ll speak to them then about the included template and getting some prescription lenses in the frames Nreal provides. As it stands right now, I can play games and watch TV just fine on the glasses, but smaller text is blurry. Web browsing/using Discord/social media chats is not going to be easy for me until I get contacts or prescription lenses in those frames for the Airs. If I remember, I may mosey back around to this review to update it after I can actually see 20/20 with these on.They can get a little heavy after awhile, but the arms are adjustable and three sets of nosepads with varying heights came with the glasses. There is a tiny square of plastic that come with the glasses which make removing the nose pads easy if you notch it between the metal on the frame for the nosepads and the plastic of the glasses. You can use a little bit of leverage to loosen the nose pads so that you can pull them out of the frames. After some tinkering around, I found a combination of arm angle/nose padding that’s comfortable for me.The arms have three adjustable angles. My advice is to hold the glasses by the lenses to brace them, maybe put the shield on because fiNGeRpriNTS. The hinge for adjusting the arm angle is located in the silver segment between the plastic of the frames and plastic of each arm. Grab the arm you want to adjust in your hand not holding the lenses/frame and bend it up/down. I dunno what to tell you other than if DOWN doesn’t work then try UP, because I can’t recall what arm angle my Airs were shipped with (there’s high/middle/low). With that said, you will probably have to use more force than you’re comfortable with to get the hinge to snap into a new position. Once you’ve got it, you’ll hear a very snappy *click* that’ll let you know you haven’t just broken your $400 fun-goggles. It gets a lot easier from here. The scariest part for me was worrying that I’d break my glasses.The screen is so CRISP and vivid even without my glasses on. As another reviewer mentioned, there is some slight blurring at the edges of the screen, haloing around bright lettering on dark backgrounds, and it’s capped at 30 FPS in gaming mode on the Steam Deck. Like the other reviewer said, Nreal has been public about working on this and with Steam. I’m not too bothered about the cap, mostly I’ve been playing remastered PS2 titles where 30 frames is plenty.AR Space.It’s cool? I wish I could get it to work better or figure out how to add apps to the AR space aside from the ones which are provided. AR Space locks up and/or crashes sometimes. It’s not too frustrating to restart the app, but I haven’t delved into it much. My phone is an LG Thinq V60 5G, which is on the compatible phone devices listed provided by Nreal. I expect that future patches will improve the AR Space experience for me and more user experience with Nebula will bring familiarity that makes enjoying this feature a bit easier. If I could add apps like Netflix, Hulu, ect. and juggle windows without freezes or crashing then that would be a huge leap in that direction. As it stands right now, I’m not sure that there IS a feature to add your app shortcuts to the AR Space so don’t assume that just because I can’t that it can’t be done. But AR Space isn’t why I got these glasses and they still deserve 5 stars from me.They function as a portable monitor for TV and gaming. A couple of weeks ago, the TV in my personal space/home office went out. After checking out prices to fix it or replace the TV, I was fine tossing it to the curb. It had probably been busted for a month and I didn’t know, because I seldom turn it on anymore. This TV was 4-5 years old and didn’t get much use being in my office/personal space. My family mostly hangs in communal spaces and, if I’m in my office, then I’m either workin’ or gaming on my gaming PC (which hasn’t seen much gaming since the Steam Deck got here). We’ve already got a TV in the master bedroom and two in the living room for my family to game on. When I saw these glasses, they looked perfect for me and MUCH cheaper than replacing a television that I hardly use. Last night, my family was playing OW2 while I watched Hulu and played on the Steam Deck through these glasses. It was nice, because I had my own little space without having to claim any actual real estate or devices in the living room.I could still interact and engage with my fam. My attention span is very short so I typically let my loved ones enjoy their gaming sessions on the TVs/consoles ‘cos that’s their enrichment activity in the evenings. We had discussed putting THREE televisions in the living room for all of us to have our own, but that’s a lot of screens. With the Nreal Airs, I only take up as much space as ME and I can easily start or end whatever task I want to begin whether it be binging weird, rabbit hole documentaries on YT, playing on the Deck, or watching TV shows. I love that I can have my own introvert bubble to do boring me things while being near my family and still engaged with them. I don’t know if that’s a “selling point” for anyone but me, but this is what I really wanted from these glasses and they delivered.Not just that, I can wear these while doing mundane chores around the house. It takes a little adjusting to orient yourself to being in the real world with a screen on your face, but you can view through one lens or both with the light shield off and still interact with the actual world. I saw a YT reviewer point out that these would be great for self-taught musicians who learn from YT videos and I’m going to be working this into my lessons. Having the ability to see the screen, my fingers on the frets without having to look from one screen to my hand is HUGE. I’m really looking forward to using these for YT tutorials on crafting, cooking, music, ect.

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  36. Angry Lamar

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Immense disappointment (unless you can use Dex)

    UPDATE: After starting the return I had a thought: what if I connect a Samsung Galaxy s10e I had laying around to it, start up Dex, and set the dex wallpaper to black? This was it. This is what I was looking for. Combined with the ability to autohide the task bar and set window opacity, I can now setup and use a full on hub comprised of my own apps with all the information I’d want to see AND Dex lets you turn off the phone screen so I can use this without killing my battery or causing screen burn in. This is the solution. If you don’t have a Samsung phone to use Dex on this then it’s not worth it at all, but if you do it is the perfect use case for these glasses and I mean perfect. Also doubles as a laptopless laptop now. This has convinced me to cancel the return and order a more powerful officially listed as supported s20 specifically to use with this along with a belt clip case. Words cannot express how happy I am to find an actual use case for these and no less one that now matches my original expectations. You lose the 3dof, but honestly that doesn’t matter at all now. I can have a little floating maps window in the corner of the screen for navigation, or whatever else I want. Perfect. Just remember for the best effect of you want to use these for Dex: SET THE WALLPAPER TO JUST A PURE BLACK IMAGE! It makes it more like a hud rather than a rectangle that obstructs your vision.Also, way less eye straining now.I would also note that these are *okay* if you want to lay in bed playing your SteamDeck with these as the monitor. Perfectly fine use case and the battery life on the deck seems to be maybe better (?) likely because these have a smaller, dimmer, screen in them. Might also be entirely in my head, either way.ORIGINAL/NON-SAMSUNG DEVICES:For $380 you’d think you’d be getting something worthwhile right? Glasses that connect to your phone, maybe show notifications, something you can use out an about.What you get? You get a display on your face that requires an external device to function. You need a separate smartphone just for these to be usable as “ar” glasses.The AR functionality these have boils down to very suboptimal fairly janky and sometimes sickening 3dof tracking with a subpar field of view that looks like a viewport floating in your face. The glasses themselves are also barely usable as glasses because of how they warp and obstruct what you’re trying to look at, while also having horrible reflections. “Reflections?” I assume you ask: yes, reflections. The glasses sit so far off your face and have so little in the way of anti glare on the inner pieces of glass that despite looking like sunglasses you definitely will not be using these in any sort of lit environment. I’m wearing them as I type this and am starting to feel sick just from the reflected ghost image of my dimly lit room around me being overlayed in my vision. I can literally see the reflection of my floor as I write this as if it was a slightly translucent mirror in front of my eyes. It is terrible.Back to the actual AR space stuff: you need to have a supported phone and the Nebula app, I have both a supported phone and an unsupported one which I side loaded the app to and the only difference is the screen is slightly darker with the unsupported one. Otherwise, they are equally janky in every other regard.The actual AR applications are few and lack luster anddddd you can’t use your phone at all while these are connected since these take over as the display basically. On the topic of that, I hope you have great battery life and excellent burn in protection, because you can’t turn off your screen while you’re using these. Yep. Can’t even turn off the phone screen. It just shows a big track pad thing for the glasses and no way to turn the display off. Fantastic.Only thing good I’ve seen so far in the few hours I’ve been messing with these is the image quality: it’s good. Looks nice and crisp as long as you don’t move your head (at which point that supposed 60hz goes down the toilet while it repositions everything in the jitteryest way possible.)So to conclude: should you buy these? You know, honestly, depsite everything, these are nice if you wanna watch something on a virtual big screen and nothing else, so if that’s your goal and these come down to a reasonable price ($100 or less) than go for it. For $379 as something advertised as being for AR? Ha. No. Definitely not. Never in a million years can you convince me that these are at all worth even close to that much. For perspective you can take that money and just buy a standalone VR headset. Are you honestly gonna tell me these are on par with a standalone VR headset, which has its own processor, battery, 6dof, hand tracking, actual use cases, games, good enough screen for the exact same thing you can use this for, plus more, etc? Riiiggthhhtt. If they did some magical stuff like 6dof or hand tracking like the Nreal Light I’d say maybe, or if they even just had their own processing thing and didn’t need an external phone to work… But as they are now there’s no way these are worth that much. It just is not worth that at all and I’ll be starting a return for these shortly assuming I don’t find some amazing feature to make me keep them in the next few minutes (unlikely.)My disappointment is immense and my wallet will be happy to have its money back.

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  37. Sire

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Steam Deck Gamer’s Dream? Yes, but with with a big problem.

    Update: I dug around a little more in the box and there’s a black out cover that I didn’t see (I guess I didn’t open the box enough, they were really tucked in) which covers the front of the glasses to give you a nice dark background. I’ve edited the review accordingly. However, there still hasn’t been a firmware update that addresses the FPS issue on Steam Deck, still waiting.Disclaimer: This review is from the perspective of someone using these AR glasses almost exclusively for the Steam Deck, I don’t see myself using these on my phone since I don’t really do much outside of work on the phone, this is all about gaming.After seeing a video a couple months about about the Nreal Airs I was excited, they seemed to solve some the biggest issues I had with the Deck: a larger, more vivid screen, I don’t have to look down at my lap or hold the Deck up to see the screen if I wanted to keep my neck straight. The Airs deliver on both of those fronts in a very tiny package that only requires a single USB-C to USB-C cable making it as portable as the Deck. These are the ultimate accessory for the Deck, however, there are downsides and a large problem that I’ll address later.The unboxing experience isn’t too fancy, you get some nice packaging you’ll never need again a quick start guide, the device, a case and a lens adapter if you’d like to get prescription lenses made that will snap on for those who require them. The device itself feels solid and high quality, the cable is braided, the materials and movement of the arms and adjustments are satisfying and the whole package feels good in the hand. I’m honestly surprised they’re only $400 from a build perspective. Overall, it feels more premium than the Deck itself. You get some controls on the right temple to adjust brightness and turn the unit off though I don’t know why you would because it has a build in proximity sensor, but sure, it’s there.Let me get into the meat and potatoes of the device, the video and audio. For the audio I’ll be brief, it sounds surprisingly good for how small they are and for not even physically in your ears. On the temples are downward firing speakers that sound just as good, if not better, than the Steam Deck’s speakers. Of course you could use headphones/ear buds instead for higher quality audio with some isolation and noise cancelling (as I probably will) but it’s great that the audio solution they provide isn’t an afterthought. Now to the video and boy, the image quality is incredible and just so much better in every regard compared to the Deck screen. You get an insane contrast level, stunningly vivid colors and an absolutely huge screen, I don’t know the exact size but in order for the Deck screen to occupy the same amount of your vision you’d have to hold the Deck up to your face about 4 or 5 inches away but now in full 1080p and much better image quality.There are downsides to the image though, for one, the 3DOF AR features don’t work so the “screen” is locked in place like a HUD, so moving your head a bit get be disorienting because your brain expects things in your vision to move with your head movement. Also, being an AR screen, the lenses that are being projected onto are transparent so you can see the world around you, you get surprising clarity and it looks like you’re just wearing lightly tinted sunglasses but that also means that playing in bright areas won’t isolate your vision and you’ll notice things around you. Also, if there’s a light source, like a monitor that’s on behind the projected image of the glasses you’ll be noticing the light a lot. I think with time I might be able to tune that stuff out, but it’s there. This also means that really dark games aren’t going to be that great in a bright area but something bright and vivid is completely fine. UPDATE: I’ve found the black out cover and this completely fixes all issues about playing in bright areas, it’s fantastic, I’ll leave my previous description of the experience without them in. Next, his is a projected image into your eyes, and the edges of the screen are blurry without anyway to adjust the lenses themselves like a VR headset would. I play a lot of action and FPS titles and in those you never look at the edges of the screen really, but in a game with a lot of UI, or in Desktop Mode where you have a Taskbar or Tabs open in a window, it’ll be noticably blurry, it doesn’t bother me too much, but I have to point it out. Lastly, the image doesn’t look like a back lit monitor, it looks like a projected IMAX screen so bright text on dark backgrounds have haloing around them. This is just a drawback of the technology and it’s really noticeable, it’s the worst part of the imaging but that’s fine by me.So this is sounds like a pretty solid device and it is, but for Steam Deck users it isn’t perfect. Currently, there is a bug within Steam’s gaming mode that caps the displays of the Airs to 30hz so you only get 30fps ingame and I’ve noticed hitching as well. I was playing Alien: Isolation and the Deck has no issue getting a solid 60fps but when I plugged the Airs in it halved the frame rate. This goes across all titles while in gaming mode, in Desktop Mode it outputs 60hz easily. I searched online and this has been addressed by Nreal themselves and they’re working on a fix and have even been in contact with Valve (apparently) about the issue. Nreal seems like a solid company who are actively working with their community to better the product and have addressed this on both Reddit and the Nreal forums. As it stands, there’s only a hacky work around that Nreal proposed but they’ve mentioned they have an internal firmware update they’re testing that should fix it for good but that hasn’t seen the light of day yet.For me, this is almost a deal breaker, if Nreal wasn’t so vocal about working on a fix (a dev even said they have their own Steam Deck and are testing it themselves) and the product wasn’t so good I might of had to return these. However, I have faith that Nreal and Valve will fix this issue via software. The way I use the Deck is to always aim for 60fps, I will take all of the hits to visual quality just for the smooth motion as lower frame rates will give me headaches after a long session.Also to touch upon another reviewer’s experience, I had NO issues just plugging these in after opening them straight to the Deck. I didn’t have to activate anything on my phone prior to using them, though I eventually did just to see if there were any firmware updates, this was a straight up plug and play experience.To wrap things up, I would definitely recommend these if you’re looking for a more enjoyable gaming experience on Deck with better visuals and comfort, at $400 you’re paying the same as a base model Deck which is a hard pill to swallow but it was definitely worth it.I have yet to test audio/video delays or impacts on the battery life. I don’t feel like I could give those a fair shake until they fix the frame rate issue, but when that’s fixed I’ll test it and update this review accordingly.

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  38. D. Michael Elkins

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as impressive as my Oculus Go as an immersive visual experience

    I had a heck of a time getting this to work smoothly with my iPhone. Using it with an iPhone requires the use of not only a Lightning to HDMI Adapter but also an Nreal Air Adapter, which took weeks to be delivered, only to fail after only a few uses. Fortunately I was able to get a replacement delivered faster than the first one. Although I will likely never use the glasses with my laptop, I had to get everything set up initially using the laptop, which while doable, wasn’t the easiest process either.I’m not a gamer and anticipated using the glasses mainly for watching YouTube or streaming movies. I bought an Oculus Go a few years ago to do the same thing. One problem with the Oculus was the short amount of time before it needed recharging. Another problem was the excessive heat generated that caused it to shut down frequently. These glasses solve both of those problems, but using it does require that you use whatever charge is on your phone to operate the device. Unlike the Oculus, which had a pointer to make viewing selections and to perform scrolling function, these glasses require you to make any moves through your phone, which really requires you to remove the glasses, if you are using the black-out cover that I always use, before making selections on your phone. Whether this constitutes an annoyance will depend upon the individual but to me it is an annoyance.I did not find the experience to be as immersive as the Oculus Go, nor did the visual presentation impress me as much. This device really just displays a larger version of whatever is on your phone’s screen, while there were actually in-device versions of Netflix and other programs available for viewing in the Oculus Go. For example, when watching a movie on the Oculus Go, you were actually doing so in what appeared to be a theatre environment. In these glasses, however, you’re just watching bigger version of a screen than is on your phone or iPad. Maybe I have’t explore the capabilities of the glasses sufficiently, but this seemed to constitute a real deficit for me.The sound quality is decent, although when watching something in a quiet environment like a bed, your partner may still be able to hear noise coming from the device. Comfort-wise, of course, the glasses are much better in terms of comfort for longer viewing than the Oculus Go, but again, I had difficulties in being able to use the Oculus Go for very long due to overheating and insufficient charging capacity anyway.At this point, I’m not sure that the device is worth the current price, considering that its not something that I feel I will be using all that often. Your own mileage may vary, of course.

  39. Philip Ortega

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Most Innovative Technology I Own!

    This is the single greatest piece of technology that I have owned since Google Glass.I previously was an early adopter of a Google Glass, back in about 2012. I can see and understand where Google was going with their device and it was this one.I ultimately recommend this device with a Samsung phone or tablet that has Dex, this is to bring the desktop experience directly to your field of vision. Now I know that I am reiterating something that is apparent in most of the reviews around here, but I cannot stress this enough as far as its utility and usability.I strictly purchase this device with the intention of playing Halo Infinite on Xbox Games Pass.I am also a father to a young child who can be distracted as to what carries my interest or my attention when I have some very rare down time.This device had completely replaced my idea of purchasing a television due to the fact that the screen that is presented to your eyes is more than sufficient for watching scary movies, films with adult themes or violent gaming that should not be in the presence of younger children that are still impressionable.I use this device in conjunction with my Samsung Galaxy Pro 2 Buds for an environment with noise canceling and a high definition gaming experience that I have never found anywhere else.The nebula app speaks for itself however I wish, along with many others, that you could sideload apps within your phone to be compatible, however at this time you cannot do that and you can read posts on Reddit that can explain why.As for my purpose of playing Halo Infinite or any other game I should choose on Xbox Game Pass, I have never had a single issue or complaint about the design language or the presentation of the image that I’m receiving.If you’re going for a more casual experience or even movie going experience, the speakers on the glasses themselves are sufficient and are actually convenient to hear everything that’s going on around you while being immersed with your attention being brought forward to what’s in front of you.In short, I cannot wait to see what comes of this in the future, with iterations becoming better than the ones before.The YouTube reviews that you see are mostly accurate, just be mindful to keep a fast charger nearby because your phone battery can decrease quickly but I recommend that if you’re using a Samsung device to use Samsung Dex as I believe that using this instead of direct streaming from your phone’s display saves a substantial amount of battery life, as Samsung Dex darkens your screen and only presents itself as a touchpad.Once the touchpad has engaged with the fact that you are connected to the glasses you can lock your screen after the fact and I noticed a notable battery improvement from keeping the screen off if you are using this for gaming as I am.I will know at the very end of this review that I do have an astigmatism in my right eye but perhaps my vision has not negatively influenced this display in so far as to mention it. Thankfully this device does come with prescription lenses that I can bring to my eye doctor and correct if I see fit, but as of right now I have no complaints.Keep this device away from children and ensure that every time you use this device put it away properly in it’s provided case and take extra care about the arms of the glasses because I do feel that there are vulnerable to pressure noted in other reviews that you may have seen.

  40. Ryan Robinson

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    They are good early tech, but need some improvement.

    Just bought these.As a portable screen only to watch shows they are great as long as I have my contacts in. Figured I’d be ok as it sits right on your face, but somehow these make a screen as blurry as if it was further away, me being nearsighted. Not sure anyone is going to spend another couple hundred on prescription lenses and it would be necessary for full use.I have found next to no usefulness from the AR mode. It looks nice, but none of the apps are ones I use much and i dont see how to change them. I use the casting mode which is better to me as it allows access to my phone apps. I’m not sure how great they will be for productivity as on stationary screens there is a lot, a lot lot, of ghosting. It’s almost double vision especially around the edges where your icons are.I have currently only connected to my phone so haven’t tried them on my steam deck for gaming, but I will say if you are watching videos they look amazing. I dont notice any ghosting in videos. These are not so good as AR glasses as the picture for video is so bright and solid I can’t really see through it. This is amazing for immersion into your favorite show though.Also for some reason on AR mode there is some tearing when you move as if the picture on the app screen cant render, holding very still seems to stop this. The 3d effect of some items in AR mode is quite good, the background of the “AR pet” is beautifully 3D, if you don’t move your head at all to stop tearing.If not for the ghosting making it difficult to read smaller print, these would be a truly solid portable monitor giving you a good bit of real estate to work with. I’d say currently these are just for shows and movies as they excel at that.I have to assume that the steam deck will be similar to my phone, as the screen on the phone is the controller and keyboard, it drains my battery much faster using these glasses. I got approximately two hours on my fold 3 to go from 100% to 45%. That was intermittent use but did include the updating process.I think that to really get use out of these you end up needing a lot more than just the $380 glasses, you will probably need a pass through powered Thunderbolt dock (+-$120) so you can charge your device while using. Prescription lenses are another chunk of change. And my brother was out of luck trying on his iPhone, that is a $60 (on amazon) connector plus a cable to buy just to connect though thats normal for apple devices.Especially with all the other bits to make this fully functional I couldn’t justify the price. You’d need to be really into them and want to use them constantly to put up with needing a portable dock, and battery bank or power supply at minimum to keep these going a while, so you’d end up with a bunch of wires and devices on you limiting comfortable portability. Maybe it’d be better in front of a computer that has Thunderbolt (I don’t have) but at that point just get a laptop or a regular monitor for productivity as the ghosting/blur on these would make working difficult for very long.I have seen others write it, nreal air are pretty good early tech but they only really do watching videos very well right now. Everything else is ok to bad.I may end up returning because they just aren’t very useful unless all you do is watch TV all day and want to replace that screen.Didn’t realize how long this was.TL:DRNeat, but not currently worth buying. Great for watching videos/movies only.

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  41. manuel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing gadget that’s an easy 5 stars if you have a samsung phone with Dex

    This is the first AR set I’ve ever owned. The reason I bought it is the combination of the tech and the look of the device when it sits on your face. It’s really not that bulky or heavy. They look like slightly chunky sunglasses, but with an awesome transparent screen inside. The Nebula app AR experience is cool, but it doesn’t have enough features and functionality for it to be worth using, even if it’s the only way to utilize the headtracking and phone-as-pointer features. The other option is screen mirroring, and with the nebula app, you can toggle between fullscreen and having the screen in the top left corner. You can also just screen mirror without the app at all, since it’s just an external display. What I don’t like about screen mirroring is that your phone screen must be on at all times when using the glasses. And if you want to throw your phone in your pocket, you might accidently touch the screen and mess up whatever your viewing on the glasses. You’ll have to get some touch block app to not accidentally mess with the view. It also drains more battery since your phone is powering both screens. (the glasses do not have a battery). What’s amazing is when you pair this with Samsung Dex.Dex is a desktop mode for flagship Samsung devices. It allows you to use your phone screen as a laptop touhpad. And when in that mode, the screen is basically completely off, so it conserves battery. You can’t shrink the display to the corner with the nebula app, so the screen will always be full in Dex mode. Dex is awesome because it works even if the phone screen is completely off. What I mainly use these glasses for is watching videos and movies, and playing videogames. Native android apps are a pain to play since most are designed for touch, and not a controller. Although games like Grid Autosport andd Minecraft work great with controller. Some emulators don’t work correctly with Dex, but you can always switch back to regular screen mirroring. I would say I mostly use it to stream games from Gamepass Cloud, or from my PC/Xbox. Pair a bluetooth controller to your phone and connect some bluetooth earbuds, and you have a personal theater gaming experience. Now the accessories and features.It comes with a nice a sturdy case, a nice cable, a clip-on blackout attachment (very useful if it it’s too bright or if you want maximum immersion), 3 differenly sized nose rests, and a template and bracket for perscription glasses (apparently it’s a pain trying to find a company that can make these lenses. I had a pair of old glass lense that I grinded down and drilled holes to attach, and they actually work really well. Obviously very DIY.) There are 3 different angles that the arms can adjust at for the best viewing angle. There are 3 buttons on the right arm. One turns the display on and off, and the other 2 adjust the brightness. The case has room for the cable, the blackout attachment, and a cleaning cloth. The glasses also look very normal, especially considering the tech inside.Overall, these things are super cool and very useful. It’s so comfortable being able to watch movies or play games while laying completely vertically, looking straight up. I love them.

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  42. Sean

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Astonishing Optical Tech

    It takes a little getting used to wearing them. But for what it does it is amazing. Pro – I’ve mostly only used it with PS5 playing Horizon Forbidden West. Con – Tried using them at night in bed and can’t dim the screen enough. Feels too bright in a dark room. Con – Tried using my headphones on PS5 controller to bypass glasses speaker but it kept cutting out to the glasses every few seconds. Con – I wish there was a different design slim HDMI adapter no iPhone and need longer USB-C cable. Con – The HDMI adapter has batteries and can’t be plugged in to charge while using it. Pro – Feels like a pair of sunglasses. Pro – Though it’s only 1080 res its very bright and clear. A little blur at bottom edge depending on alignment to the eyes. All in all Awesome! Need USB-C power data hub with 10 ft cord would be better so I don’t need to stop using them to charge an adapter battery.

  43. Alexis SalAlexis Sal

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Received a replacement for a defective product, now the replacement has a different issue…

    The media could not be loaded.

     So let me explain; first off, I’m very excited to experience the beginning of the future of our economic system that is being built right now through big projects that roam around the metaverse. As an early adopter of new technology, I’m very open-minded that we’ll all encounter challenges sooner or later. We will even have to get our hands dirty from time to time from the fact that there are many bugs to fix yet, and that is part of the beauty as an enthusiast for VR. That being said, let me now describe what has led me to rate this product so poorly.(I’ll leave you a video and pictures of everything described below…)So I finally received my first pair on December 23, tried them, and couldn’t help but notice that there were TWO bright blue dots around the middle of the lenses. I proceeded then to reconnect them to different devices just to discard the fact that this would be an external issue (i.e. one of my devices), but got the same TWO blue dots on all of them.Proceeded then to search through forums exclusive to Nreal, went through various posts and found out that a couple of people encountered the same problem. I made sure to follow Nreal experts’ advice (which participate in these forum discussions with the pseudonym NrealAssistant), updated the firmware, checked that there weren’t any reflections, turned my environment dark and verified if this issue persisted, unfortunately … it did.I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt so I reached out and explained the circumstances and how I had already tried all of the requested possible solutions. In response to that, I received a copy/paste list of steps for me to follow and try again (all of which I had already gone through). I was a bit frustrated but decided it would be best then just to exchange the item; after all, I understood that defective products CAN exist, and it doesn’t mean that a product or a company is terrible at all, so I requested an exchange.I received then the SECOND pair promptly as of December 28. From the get-go upon receiving the package, I noticed that this second package had arrived without any shipping cardboard box (just the product’s original box). This was a bit weird, since my first arrival was in fact wrapped in a paper bag, but decided to overlook this since it might be a matter of Nreal having a different packaging process in case I got these new pair from a fulfillment center.As I opened the box, I then proceeded to feel excited once again for my brand new pair of Nreal’s, but in the midst of opening it, I noticed the way the box unfolded, it felt a bit loose in comparison with the previous one I had opened, like if this had already been opened it; decided then to be careful and make sure that upon opening everything else, I paid close attention to make sure everything looked new, but then… it hit me…Upon inspecting the glasses, I noticed what seemed to be a damaged portion of a small plastic near the lense… It just felt… a bit disappointing…The whole ordeal feels like I’ve been cheated out of a product I wanted so much…Even with that… I checked out the product to sort out if the blue dots were a regular thing on all of the nreal glasses (a reflection of some sort, as NrealAssisstants seem to suggest), and then realized that this second pair didn’t display those blue reflections, so at least the display was fine, but the plastic was not.I then weighed the option of just sticking with this pair, just because it feels like a lot of wasted time, but after giving it a lot of thought, I ultimately decided to seek assistance again from customer service. They informed me that currently (as in December 29), there’s no option for me to just exchange the product due to their fulfillment’s current status. The only option available for me would be to opt for a refund (which will start as soon as I ship the product).Overall I don’t really know what to tell you guys; I’ll let you reach your conclusions… this experience leads me to second guess if I’m giving it another shot; I’m a bit weirded out about not being sure if I’m even receiving a QUALITY PRODUCT, or even a NEW PRODUCT as advertised…

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  44. Lon J. SeidmanLon J. Seidman

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a good fit for me..

    Be sure to watch my video review in the review section above!I was excited to try these glasses out as I’ve been looking for a portable display that I can wear for watching movies & TV shows on long flights. While these can largely accomplish this goal for many people, like all VR/AR products your individual mileage will vary based on how they fit. And unfortunately these did not fit well for me at all.First the good: the image is nice and bright and very visible even in a well lit room. The visual quality is pretty good thanks to their use of an OLED display for projection. The glasses also come with a lens cover that blocks out all of the ambient light so you can see nothing but the screen. Because the glasses don’t have a battery they are very light weight vs. a VR headset or similar device. They are powered by the device you plug them into.I tested these on a variety of devices including an iPad Mini with USB-C connector, a Steam Deck, a Macbook Air and a number of other USB-C equipped Windows PCs that can output video through their USB-C ports. Everything pops up just as quickly as it does with a traditional monitor.But there’s still a lot here that needs work:1. If your face doesn’t conform to who Nreal engineered this product for you won’t have a good experience. I tried all three nose pieces included in the box and could not get a comfortable fit. The big problem is that the areas where the image is projected sits slightly above my field of vision when I am seated looking forward. As a result I had hard time seeing the bottom of the projection especially for vertically oriented tablet and phone screens. But even horizontally aligned screens presented difficulty seeing the very bottom. It would have been better if Nreal offered a way to reduce the size of the projected image which would have helped my situation.2. Compatibility for their augmented reality features is extremely limited to a small number of phones. While I don’t think most people buying these devices are getting them for the AR functionality it’s still important to note as the only way the image can be adjusted is in that AR mode. I’m not sure why they are advertising Steam VR compatbility when it’s clearly not able to do that.3. Smartphones will be hit or miss overall. Most Android phones with a USB-C connector don’t output video through the USB-C port so that will limit even mirroring usage to a small number of devices. iPhones and lightning equipped iPads will need to buy two adapters: one from Apple to get an HDMI video output, and another from Nreal to adapt that HDMI output back to USB-C. The Nreal adapter will also work with other devices that have an HDMI output but not a USB-C port. It is also required for the Nintendo Switch but note the Switch has to be in its dock for this to work which limits the portability significantly.Overall this felt very much like a “minimally viable product.” It doesn’t fit everybody, the feature set is lacking, and while its core functionality of providing a wearable display works the image flickers a bit and is not adjustable.

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  45. Preston Hymas

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Adequate screen but of limited utility

    This is a very conflicting product. On the one hand, I can see why having an ultra portable display would be useful in situations where you are without a regular setup or a shared screen is being used by others. However, this device is very limited by software support. I won’t comment too much on this, as others have done so extensively, but for my use with the steam deck the issues with frame-rate and resolution detection have been quite annoying. I hope to see this improved though updates, but I review products as I receive them not as they may one day become.More importantly this device is limited by the physical reality of its construction, which can’t be altered though software wizardry. Firstly, despite the marketing, make no mistake: this is not a 200 inch display. This is the equivalent of an 8 inch device held at normal viewing distance from the face. Since the screen is transparent, it was rather trivial to hold my steam deck in front of me at my regular gaming distance to compare the boarders of the overlayed screens. The nreal offered about an extra inch of coverage compared to the deck’s 7 inch screen, hence why I say this is an 8 inch equivalent. The real benefit is not in the size, but rather the resolution, which is 1080p compared to 720p. If you are using a large phone with an equivalent or better resolution screen, I would question the utility of this device for you, but I also do not play mobile games.Secondly the device is limited by the nature of dual screens mere inches from your eyes. Because the focal distance is so small, it is highly sensitive to slight alterations in viewing angle. You will need to place it just so to get the right experience, and even then you will see double image ghosting when looking side to side due to your eyes now being different distances from their respective images. If the screens were curved to keep viewing distance as a function of viewing angle constant, this would not be a problem. Alas, they are not, and physics is a bitch. Luckily, as with hands, you also have a dominant eye, which will mostly drown out the ghosted image of the non-dominant eye. It’s mostly noticeable with text and UI; Complicated, colorful, and fast moving images are less effectedThirdly, you will notice bloom around bright objects. Once more this is mostly problematic for simple images with high contrast, like white text on a black background. In-game it is far less noticeable. Do not plan to use these for editing documents in dark mode.Lastly, at least for me, the benefit of not needing to continually hold the gaming device up is negated by the pressure of the glasses around the temples. Personally I prefer a fatigued arm to a tension headache, and I’ve only been able to last about 30 minutes with these. I consider my head size average for the American male, so perhaps noggins are a bit more slender in the country these were developed in. For this apparent Cro-Magnon, however, it really is a literal pain to use.Overall, I will say the viewing experience is adequate but the sum package experience leaves a lot to be desired. I knew I was essentially a beta-tester going in and am fine with it. But the marketing is very gung-ho about these glasses and I do not think you’ll be getting the advertised experience. I estimate you’ll only get about three-fifths of it.3/5

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  46. Case Review

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    It Just Needs More Fine Tuning

    I cant express how BADLY I wanted this to work for me. I waited anticipating every day this was shipping to me because of the prospect and possibilities it brought.But! Its just not ready!1. To be clear, the other reviews are correct, if you have Any eye issues it will be More than obvious once you put these on. Now thats not the products fault, but it is a consideration you’ll need to make as prescription lenses for these cost around 100.00 which is a third party and would be an additional expense. Bringing the product price closer to 500 dollars than 375/400 After tax.2. It is compatible with macs so that was super easy! Just download nebula. But! Outside of 3 monitor mode the display moves with you which can cause motion sickness. Imo even the single mirrored display should be fixed and stationary. When using nebula the monitors do become stationary and its much easier to handle visually.The 3 monitor/nebula experience is great, the only thing is make sure you have your prescription lenses for premium clarity.To be fair, nebula isa beta and im confident there will be more features in the future to help with customizations.The unit its-self is nice but indeed it does feel a little cheap for the price pointsSometimes the image glitches out as well, youll see lines on the screen / lens and it will come back but for the price this shouldnt be happeningWeight: it felt fine to me, didnt feel too heavy.Fit: it fit fine mostly, a little tight on the head but it didnt bother me.Conclusion: its an Awesome device its just as one of the other reviews said, its just not ready for prime time yet. Its almost like it needed another year of development and design to make it absolutely complete. Right now it feels incomplete and doesn’t really seem to justify the almost 400 dollar price point….I WANT THESE TO WORK SO BADLY! but its just not there yet.. As it stands its about a 200 dollar product being sold for almost 500.Ill be back for later generations of this when they’ve worked out the bugs and kinks because it definitely has a place in the market and potential its just a bit too soon.

  47. PiyoPiyo

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not ready for prime time ..

    So I got swept up in the social media blitz on these. With a large number of Youtubers singing praises on this set of AR glasses … I took a shot and ordered it.Now lets start up with the purchasing experience… here on Amazon all the images show compatibility with mobile devices and general computuers (mac and pc).What isnt front and center is all the “peripherals” you need to buy to get it all to work.Out of the box you just get the glasses, adapter for those who wear prescription glasses, usb cable and microfobre cloth oh yes and a premium zip case to hold everything that looks like a pill.So like many tech companies .. you need to go online to look at instructions..Keep in mind.. I’m fairly techinical.. I havent had a need to review instructions for many years… For this product I actually did.. along with search for youtube and read reddit posts on how just to get this thing to basically work in general.This is the only Tech item I’ve purchased in over 5 years in which it took me more than 3 hours to finally figure what the heck was going on.To simplify what this is.. its a glorified 1920×1080 extra monitor.. in the compact form of wearable glasses.With EXTRA purchase dohickies you can get the portable battery+iphone and/or seperately the android adapter.For me I could only test on PC so my experience is solely based on PC integration.Which wasnt exactly plug in play…. It was plug it in.. go to the website… activate the glasses… update the firmware.. the finally .. maybe.. it’ll connect.When it finally connected I could adjust it and place its position on my desktop (the 4th monitor) or for most you’d probably be best to run Mirrored vs extended desktops.With all my monitors running at 2560×1440.. having that 4th monitor at 1920×1080 was a little troublesome.So here I hit an issue.. reminder desktop.. not notebook.. the USB-C cable supplied is SHORT…. VERY short…No biggie right? I mean i have the SUPER Long USB-C made by Oculus that has NO issues charging and direct connecting my Quest 2 to PC (no latency!). This cable has got to work right?No Go…. would not power on / connect the Nreal Airs :(Ok no problem.. I’ll just drive it for an hour and see how things go.. so the image quality is SUPERB as compared to the Quest 2. Things are vibrant crisp and clear.. this is before going to blackout mode with the black out covers. So Kudos there.. its solid when it comes to images!But as with anything AR.. its not the experience I was expecting.. it came far short of those.What I own just does everything else better with more options.. just the image quality isnt as good.. and cheaper over all out of box. The Nreals get even more pricer considering the extras required to go wireless / battery powered.Overall I returned the item…. its not ready for Prime Time.. but asked for a Prime Time price.I’ll stick with my quest 2’s until that better item appears!

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  48. maximus_3000x

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Could be very awesome – needs to work on legacy compatibility.

    Not a gamer, but was looking to use this for increased productivity outside of the office (i.e. on planes, in coffee shops, on commuter trains, etc.), so the extra virtual screens would have been a big plus in small places (e.g. – coach plane seats are so small I can’t open a laptop and work in them anymore).Glasses are comfortable enough. However, the slanted screens on the eye side of the glasses are a bit disorienting at first, but you get used to it. Works fine if you wear contact lenses. Bluetooth isn’t a ‘must-have’ in my book (especially as a trade-off for better screen portability), so I didn’t mind the ‘always attached’ USB-C line. Besides, Bluetooth has a way of being spotty in some environments.If you have newer (Android) hardware that you want to use these glasses with, they will probably be a great experience.However, the biggest issue with the glasses is with device compatibility.PC’s basically aren’t supported for Nebula AR experience (see the Reddit forum). All you can do is screen mirroring/extended desktop (which typically puts the Windows 11 taskbar almost out of view). Extended desktop was interesting, but was kind of disorienting, and rendered the normal laptop’s screen essentially pointless, because you really couldn’t see it through the glasses (you had to look ‘under’ the projected glasses screen, kind of like low bifocals to see it). If you dim the glasses so you can see ‘thorough’ the glasses’ desktop, you keep losing the cursor.Firmware update process kept not working via Chrome (though it was probably because the firmware onboard already matched the firmware file version, but the error message didn’t indicate that).Didn’t work (at all) with a 2019 MacBook Pro (Intel) – not even screen mirroring – and the screen just kept flickering on the Mac, so I couldn’t even connect it. You’ll need a ‘newer than 2019’ Mac to use this.Unless you’ve bought an Android-based phone in the past few years, good chance it won’t work without some kind of adapter.iPhones don’t have Nebula AR support yet, so screen mirroring would basically just be for watching movies or something. However, you’ll have to dump in an extra $100+ to make it compatible with an iPhone (you need Nreal’s adapter, PLUS the over-priced official Apple adapter). No Nebula AR experience on iPhone (not Nreal’s fault – because Apple’s iOS has a closed-source SDK, and Apple’s not helping).Strikes me as ‘probably will be awesome in a year or two.’ Needs more time in development, because it lacks a lot of compatibility (especially legacy compatibility), which may be solved by old hardware just being less common (as it is replaced), or some kind of better adapter situation.Ending up returning it, because I’m not dumping $400 into a device that’s going to require me to dump another $1000 into new hardware to get the AR experience.

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  49. AlanLad25

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great with Samsung Dex and wireless battery

    I have the Nreal Air paired to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and using the Tap wearable keyboard/mouse. Dex is what makes the Air one of my favorite gadgets at this moment. Using the Dex interface has allowed me to semi-retire my ultrabook PC and my tablet and use just the phone and the Nreal Air for a good portion of my mobile activities. The biggest con I’ve experienced is battery life. The glasses will impact your phone battery. My workaround has been using Dex because the phone screen can be turned off. I’m not usually away from a charger or use the glasses long enough to make the battery drain a deal breaker. I also have a 10,000 mah battery with a built-in fast wireless charger that I can take with me when needed to charge the phone or plug into the wall and use as a regular wireless charger. It’s great because I can use the wireless charger to charge the phone while the glasses are plugged into the phone. Maybe an optional inline power adapter where a USB-C charger can be plugged in can be a future accessory. Similar to the connection used by the Amazon Firestick or Google Chromecast.Some of my other issues are minor software issues that can hopefully be addressed in future Nebula updates. It would be nice to be able to fix the screen to a single point when casting a device screen. Right now the screen moves with your head. Depending on the situation or person this can become disorientating or uncomfortable (i.e. motion sickness). I would also like to have the ability to create multiple virtual monitors when connected to a Windows PC. Nreal’s app library is on the light side at this moment but as AR/VR become more mainstream it would be nice to have an app store dedicated to just AR/VR on Android and Apple stores similar to the watch apps.The Nreal Air is modeled to look like sunglasses. Yes, the lenses are tinted, but it would be nice to have actual UV-rated shields that can be attached like the light shields. If they were mirrored, that would completely hide the projectors. It might also allow them to be used for more active outdoor activities.So far my overall experience with the Nreal Air has been positive. The images are great and bright enough (sometimes too bright) for most situations. They’ve been great for watching video content. Playing games with the XBox Game Pass and GeForce Now has been good. I haven’t tried it on a Steam Deck or Switch, but I would assume that gameplay would be similar. Using Dex has allowed me to carry around the laptop and tablet less often. I use the Tap wearable keyboard/mouse but using a foldable keyboard/trackpad like the iClever keyboard would allow someone to do light productivity work using MS Office or Google Office.My Setup:Nreal AirSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 w/S-PenSamsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2Samsung 10,000 mah fast charging battery with wireless chargerTap wearable keyboard/mouse

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  50. john

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Steam Deck and DEX approved.

    I use these with my steam deck pretty often especially when traveling or stuck somewhere for long periods of time. They’re especially fun to show off to people who have never heard of this type of Technology. They also work perfectly with Samsung Dex if you have an s22 Ultra or s23 Ultra. I’m sure it works with others but those are the only two phones I’ve tried.They’re not the most comfortable thing in the world but once you get past the initial sort of feeling they have when on your face, you can get used to them.They definitely feel heavier than regular glasses. There are some adjustments needed to make the entire screen be 100% visible at all times.

  51. Victor V

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great But Dang My Big Head and Some Other Issues

    Pro:-Worked out of the box with little to no issue with my android device.-The quality of the lens and screen was amazing! I plugged into my Laptop and Nintendo Switch. I can definitely see it as a thing for gamers, especially those who play handhelds like the Steam Deck, Switch, etc.-USB C cable. No proprietary cable. So if in the future the original cable is lost of broken, you should be able to use any USB C cable. Just make sure it is one that accepts BOTH charge AND data transfer.-Built-in speakers are surprisingly good.Con:-My Big Head is preventing me from using these glasses longer than 20 minutes before it feels like someone is squeezing them.-Can’t really get the lenses in the right place. Then again I feel like the issue is my big head not able to fit with these glasses.-Cable in awkward place when laying down in bed. I’m afraid one of these days the cable or the connector at the end of the frame will break-Software is iffy. I tried using AR mode and it’s a bit rough. Sometimes it can register where my hands are. Sometimes it can’t. But I’m sure this will be fixed in the future.Overall:I love these glasses. I want to continue using them, but my head is just a BIT too big to use them comfortably. One of the reasons I wanted to try these is the ability to be in neutral position. If I’m at my computer room looking at my monitor, my eyes are at a 90 degree angle and my hands are at a neutral resting position. If I’m in the living room playing my Switch in dock mode, I’m looking at a 90 degree angle towards the TV and my arms are on my lap at a neutral position. However If I’m playing on handheld mode, or use my 3DS, or use my phone, I’m hunching down and elevating my arms upward. Eventually I would feel tension on my back and my arms would feel they are not getting enough blood circulation. These glasses solves all those issues. By connecting the glasses and the Nreal adapter to my say my devices, I can be in neutral position forever!Nreal, I hope you make a 2nd revision of these glasses soon addressing the different sizes of head issue. If you do it will be hands down well worth purchase!

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  52. Janey K

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Completely changes how I study

    There are very few things I own in this price bracket and above that I can say are truly worth the purchase, but even at a total cost of around $500 for these glasses and a set of prescription lens with tax on top, almost nothing can compare with this in terms of value (*at least for me*). Even among the sea of amazing $10 and $20 items easily found in amazon that have changed my day to day life substantially in some way, these glasses are still easily worth every dollar (again, *for me*).In my sedentary lifestyle, I’ve always found it difficult and mentally unhealthy to sit at a desk for hours every day. I’ve made many changes in order to cope with this, including getting a standing desk, but I’ve never been able to fully address the issue. Now, with these glasses, I’m able to study while walking outside. I’m able to get fresh air (which helps me focus better), consistent exercise, much better sleep, and more time at the end of the day after finishing what I need to get done earlier than expected. At the end of every day, I feel refreshed.Granted, this won’t work with all types of workloads where you really need to interface with a mouse or a keyboard, but for my purposes (flipping through Anki cards, or watching lectures), a bluetooth handheld keyboard is more than sufficient. This is achieved by connecting my glasses to my laptop in my backpack.The image quality is crisp, the saturation is quite rich being OLED displays, and the max brightness is more than sufficient for outdoor use, especially when sunlight is filtered by the outer shades. I haven’t had any other issues so far using them outdoors.The speakers aren’t the best tonally but are more than clear and loud enough for productivity work. While outdoors, it is very difficult for others to hear anything as long as you keep the volume down to the lower end of what’s comfortable to listen to. However, while indoors, it will be noticeable that you are listening to something even if you keep the volume down, though others won’t be able to make out any words. For me, this means I don’t have to keep my earbuds plugged in all the time while working outside, which is another plus.In terms of appearances, I would say that product images fairly demonstrate how they look like from the outside; from the side others can tell that there are layers to the glasses, and there will be the USB-C cord running from the glasses, but viewing the glasses from the front makes it difficult to tell they are AR glasses.FYI The prescription lenses I ordered were from HonsVR, they ship from China but they seem to generally underpromise and overdeliver with their delivery times – I received mine within 4 days of placing my order. Customer service is also amazing and responsive.Cons:1) Even with the largest nosepiece, the prescription lenses are still so close to my eyes to the point that my eyelashes are rubbing against them, which causes me to rest the sunglasses lower down on my nose such that the screen starts to fall out of vision. If your eyes are more deeply inset into your face, this might not be an issue for you. 2) The left ear arm seamlessly connects to the USB-C cord, thus eliminating any sort of harsh edge on that side, but the right ear arm ends in a somewhat sharp and relatively inwardly angled square end, which digs into your skin after a few hours of using it. However, these issues are easily fixable by putting some form of padding on the nose pads and the right ear arm. Whether or not these mods are visible will depend on how you implement them, but for me I’m more than glad to put these glasses on even if they are.These issues, plus the steep price, are early adopter issues that I’m realistically not too surprised to run into. I’m generally not the early adopter type; I usually get interested in things that have been thoroughly vetted and has been out for some time to the point that I can get a decent deal on it. However, when I saw this item and realized the value, I decided the premium was worth it. This is something I needed years ago, and the only shame I find in these glasses is that it took until 2022 for a company to produce a product like this accessible to the consumer level – especially ones that don’t look completely out of place. There are many things to nitpick about it, but if you’re in a similar position like I am, I would say just get them. Just. Get. Them.

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  53. jeff

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Not for most people. Amazing if you fit the nitche

    They are not magic. It takes time to adjust them to your face. The field of view is narrow that’s marketing suggests. However, if you work on a modern macbook while traveling or own a steam deck, they really hit a perfect balance of visual performance and comfort.The glasses do not have a battery to go bad. The cable is a standard usbc so it can be replaced. They fall back to displayport video out if a device does not have the Nebula software. So these have great chance of working for years to come even if Nreal goes out of business and updates. Great marks for sustainability and consumer protection.I would recommend these for media consumption first and take productivity as a bonus. The fresnel lenses make the edges of the screen ghost some and white text on a dark background definitely glows. This is not a big deal in AR mode (on a mac or android) because you will tend to look at what you are reading directly with the center of the screens. In regular display mode (steam deck, windows, linux, iphone, ipad) the edges are unavoidable so I wouldn’t use it for anything text heavy. However, It isnt an issue for games or video.The experience of using these for a multi monitor setup on a macbook is quite good provided you are indoors, can keep the mac powered, and don’t mind confusing strangers. There are some hiccups because it uses a fullscreen app for the 3 virtual monitors and the “projects” them to the glasses via displayport. This breaks the normal usage of Mission Control to find Spaces. Pressing the mission control key will send a different image to each eye. If you don’t use that feature and prefer to just 4 finger swipe, you will likely not notice. You can only really see one of the 3 “displays” at once through glasses field of view. You need to physically turn your head to bring them into view. Not as good as physical monitors but you cant pack them in a pocket. Also, turning brightness all the way down on the laptop gets you nice privacy bump in a coffee shop.The steam deck experience is also very good if you are seated and have your head supported by say a pillow. I have had others complain about the screen being locked in front of you being disorienting. The battery drain is actually better with these than the steam decks built in display but you can not charge the deck while using these without an additional adapter. None of the standard usbc dongles I had on had worked but I can confirm that the “Nubia RedMagic Adapter for Red Magic 7 / 7S Pro / 8 Pro” works great for this if you can find one. Personally, I rarely want to play games for more than the few hours the decks batter affords while using this.These also work great with Samsung Dex if you have Samsung device and find the android AR experience gimmicky. With a bluetooth keyboard, they phone a trackpad, and these glasses at the display you can have a desktop experience in a really small package.In short, get these if you are a tech enthusiast who already owns a macbook or steam deck. If you are looking for something to work with an iphone or don’t want to tinker, probably wait for whatever apple is working on.

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  54. Robert M Carr

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    These things are absolute game changers. Home TVs and computer monitors will be dead within the next twenty years , if not ten. The screen is massive and it’s awesome to just lay back in bed and watch movies on your ceiling.It’s still early days with this tech however, so there are some improvements to be made: – occasionally I will get a pinching on the side of the head but putting on a thin running headband alleviates this completely.- Nebula software could do with some improvement- it’s ludicrous that you have to go to competing companies to get a cable that allows you to use the glasses and charge your device at the same time. They’re releasing the beam but that is a bulky device that adds extra functionality – just release a basic cable like everyone else please.- there’s a thin halo line around the screen. It is annoying but I can ignore it and just focus on whatever I’m watching. Others find it distracting.- 1080p. If you’re used to 4k/retina quality screens, text will be a little less sharp than you’re used to, but it’s still perfectly fine for doing serious work with.Do your research before buying and keep an eye out on competitors because this space is evolving fast. The big three bands at the minute are XReal, Viture and Rokid. I’ve only had these a few weeks and despite loving them I’m already thinking about replacing them with a pair of Viture when their neckband accessory becomes widely available. Rokid also look like they may offer superior functionality but the style looks like something you’d get as a free toy in a 1990s happy meal movie promotion so it’s either XReal or Viture for me at the minute.Just have to find someone to buy my TV now.

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  55. MD

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great for the devices (read the description) this is a long review so I apologize.

    This product for the most part works well with all of my devices and also I keep seeing people saying it “doesn’t work on my iphone”. I’m not trying to be rude side topic(but reading carefully sometimes help, unless yours is defective then thats different. I have seen many people be careless and buy items not for their intended purpose such as usb c cables, not all support 100watts so buying one that doesnt support it will not make it work unless its supports it.)But do realize this is apples fault for not converting to usb c already and many reviewers already said it(be tech reviewers on youtube or on here), you need the adapter from nreal with the apple adapter to make it work otherwise it won’t(looking at about $100+ in adapters). Otherwise you can’t since apple doesn’t allow the phone to do it without the adapter(watch mrmobile, the tech chap, mathew moniz and many other tech reviewers on youtube when searching nreal ar glasses and you will see what your doing wrong for your apple devices this is not for (“android only”)(unless the product came defective for you)apple just trying to squeeze more money out of people for less features that most android phones have like usb c is the standard even some of your products have it why not let the phones have it to🤦‍♂️.(from my latest news from short circuit/quickbits it looks like iPhone might finally move to usb c the unverisal standard at last.) I own the adapters so it was not a problem for me. As of so far it works well on all my devices I tested and have available for testing, from the android side(s22 ultra, tab s8 ultra, s10+, s20ultra) on the apple side(iPhone 13,12,11) works with the steam deck and Nintendo switch(will need the adapter to use it with the switch dock) and with my pc just fine. There are a few nitpicks(some are picky on my end) but other than that it works as intended and I can see myself using this way more for it’s versatility. For once I think AR will be getting better from here on out. My one of few concerns is the cable, it feels more on the cheaper braided side. I check and not many usb c cables come with video support and apparently I don’t own any other one from brands like anker who’s cable I always thought supported video out so do be careful, only a few select cables work (there are a few out there but hard to find). So it’s kinda hard to replace it if you damage it unless nreal allows users to buy replacements at proper prices and not crazy amounts like $40-50($10-15-20(a bit pricey at 20)ish would be optimal).Another one would be to make the app a little more easier to understand since I can see some people not fully understanding certain things in the app not everyone is tech savvy so streamlining it would be good and also give more feature support. That way people can use it way easier without having to be lost and confused to what’s going on. Also it could be just the one I received or maybe my devices since my pc has been acting up but I have issues with it’s framerates it’s sometime shown as 30hrtz and other times 60hrtz, couldn’t get it to 90hrtz so I guess the software is still buggy or it might just be my own device(watch some of the youtube reviewers and you will understand what I mean, I highly recommend since it will make it much easier to using the device. Also you will get a way better understanding of what your working with)Overall for the most part it works well and does as intended, I’m satisfied with them. For a 1st gen device it’s good, there is room for improvements but overall a great device. Also please check their website to make sure your phone is compatible their is a limited amount of devices that will work so please do check before purchase. (will update once again once I get the prescription lense to see how they work. After that I will upload some sample photos of the device for my usages.)

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  56. Uvesh P.Uvesh P.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    201” Screen on my Face!

    Screen on my face, by that I mean watching the equivalent of a 201 inch screen with this glasses. Got this plugged onto my workstation laptop gives me a potentially game changing solution to a problem I’ve been having with limited screen size on the laptop, I’m very impressed. Now I can do my 3D modeling using a huge screen, which to me looks like using multiple screen at once. There were a couple of things I want to see in smart glasses and a lot of those are actually been answered with these, and I also stumbled upon a couple of shocking findings that I wasn’t really expecting.These glasses actually intend to do well when I put them on, they allowed me to consume content like gaming, watch movies, multitasking work, and all social media and even exercise in mixed virtual reality or augmented reality because the video I was looking at was superimpose onto my current real world surroundings so I can interact with the world; on this idea of the Metaverse is something that is growing in popularity. This design is compatible with android phones, iPhones, iPads, and laptop to support display port over USB to give a very unique experience. There are two main ways to stream content; one with a nebula app, which simply mirrors the phone so now I have large screen but don’t have to worry abt the space for it. I actually took these glasses with me when I went to India this week and I use them in the hotel room and at home to watch the basketball match or Netflix and watch movies and TV shows, and it made me feel like I was almost in a cinema put inside my room, just chilling on my bed cinema screen in your pocket basically. Although the VR features in this doesn’t feel quite finished and it will be nice to see more compatibility with more features, more apps and I’m sure they are coming, but i guess that will take time just like with everything in this AR space where you use your phone like a remote to resize a movie screens and interact with multiple windows. It is very unique and enjoyable experience, multitasking, doing social media gaming. I wish there was brightness and volume controls it on this thing (unless i missed it completely) but it’s pretty bright even outdoors with an antireflective coating on the glasses. All of this is being viewed by two full HD displays and if I want the outside light a little more water tight and or if I prefer the idea of less distraction I can clip on this light shield and it prevents my eyes from strain, due to its low blue light and flicker free technology. I mean it feels like I was looking further away and it definitely felt like it was having less impact on my eyes as compared to my laptop screen. I also tried gaming with these by steaming from my Xbox and connected my console controller by Bluetooth and use it that way so it just makes it feel that much more immersive. And for my phone, I’m using an Apple phone with an adapter, that was an additional purchase. The fit is really nice and adjustable with different size height adjustable arms and a prescription lenses frame as well.Some things potentially could be improved because nothing is perfect. The speakers here I do think they look a little bit on the chunky side in terms of the aesthetics, and I still don’t think they look super cool on me anyway but they are still really nice and light and compact. In the box I get a travel case, the unreal glasses, three nose pads, prescription lens frame, USB-C cable and a cleaning cloth. It would be nice to actually be able to use these wirelessly without using these wires, especially if you’re gaming or exercise they would be really usefull with wireless functionality.

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  57. Wolfman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mostly Good, with some Limitations

    They’re pretty good if you want to:• Lay or sit back and relax without having to adjust your face or eyes look at a screen.• Want screen privacy if you’re on a flight or in a public place like a coffee shop or something.• Want to have a personal screen for a portable gaming device that accepts USB-C.• Want something visually stimulating when doing cardio exercises (be aware of moisture/heat though).The cable is a little short, honestly. More is always better for me, you can always tie or wrap the cable to shorten it after all, so I’d have wished it were slightly longer. It uses USB-C, but if you’re using it on a non-Android device, you may need to get a third-party HDMI adapter. My gaming laptop has a USB-C port, but only audio worked. So I got the adaptor and now I can use HDMI, so be aware of your device’s compatibility ahead of time.The glasses are big. I wish they were lower profile, or had more sleek sport-style frames. I’m legit tempted to follow some online experimenters who actually cut down the frames, since there’s no cables or anything in the bottom of the lenses. With their size comes some extra weight, and if your head is a little wider, you’ll definitely feel some pinching. above your ears. Be aware it might get uncomfortable after a while. But, if they’re that tight, you can also adjust the screen angle (you can tilt the screen to three different positions. It’s subtle, but you can put the temples of the glasses higher above your ears to change where the pressure is applied—whatever is more comfortable. I haven’t seen any way to adjust internal screen position however, either through depth adjustment, or eye-width distance, however.Audio is okay. I have a pair of Bose Tempo glasses with built-in speakers, and man they’re amazing. Comparatively, the bass on the Nreal glasses is lacking, and the maximum volume is a bit low. Again, that’s comparing them to a product specifically built for sound though—the fact the Nreal glasses have audio at all is nice, especially with the screen-tech all condensed into the rest of the glasses…but then again, for just under 400 dollars, you’d hope you’d get a full package, right?I’ve tried to use the Nebula app on my Android device, or whatever it’s called—couldn’t get it to work, no AR functionality, app freezes when attempting to activate those features, etcetera. Gave up on it.So, here we are. The thing that surprised me most was that they don’t have a battery and they’re not wireless. You have to use the cable, legit turning this into just a personal monitor and speaker. Is it worth it for that alone? Sure, if you want a 1080p monitor with built in audio that gives you some privacy when in use. Other than that, who knows what the next generation of face-monitors is going to offer us. Maybe save your money. But if you have money to spend and think you can put them to use? They definitely work…just be aware of the limitations.

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  58. SamSam

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    AMAZING! – just know what you’re getting

    Ok, so do yourself a favor and watch some youtube videos to get a general idea of what these glasses are.TL,DR,- Its a mobile screen that you wear on your face.-They run on your devices power (one less thing to charge!)- The blackout covers are necessary in some situations, but not all/most. The Augmented Reality is legit!- Spend time getting the right fitting nose piece/ adjusting nose piece, and the earpiece tilt! You get the best image with the perfect fit.Longer form: These glasses provide a simple augmented reality experience for 90% of my use case (watching videos on an apple device, using as a mobile laptop external monitor) but does provide a more involved augmented reality experience with a modern android phone.I travel a week at a time, for 35-40 weeks a year. I’m always on the road and I fly 90+% of the time. When I tell you that these things change the way I travel, that is no small statement. I’ve used it all, zunes, ipods, ipads, macbooks, iphones, kindles, books, cards….. EVERYTHING to pass the time on those cramped flights. These allow you to watch your content privately ( I always feel bad watching Deadpool like movies when kids can see my screen. As awesome as Deadpool is, a guy cutting his own hand off isn’t exactly what the 4 yr old next to me needs to be watching) and on a virtually huge screen THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO HOLD! and no matter where you look, your screen is right in front of you. Until you experience that on a plane, its hard to explain how amazing that feels. Real world use note: I did need the blackout covers on the plane, but I expected that and preferred it that way, and the image was pretty much perfect with the covers on.Sidebar- THESE DON’T HAVE/NEED BATTERIES! They just run off of your devices power, which means one less thing to remember to have charged!All in all, I am really enjoying these and am already recommending them to my other traveling tech buddies.4.5/5 ALMOST Perfect, but as always, room for improvement on the Augmented reality and such. Plus the iphone use solution is kinda clunky and requires an adaptor that DOES have a battery that needs charging. SMH. Not a huge deal, but needs to be mentioned.

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  59. Ziglveit B. Shtoonk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very impressed

    Ok, so I did buy a pair. They seem well made. I did send them back, but not because of sub-par technology. It was a fitment issue. I couldn’t get the glasses close enough to my eyes, causing the bottom and bottom corners of the display to get cut off from my field of vision. My younger son had the same issue. I kept trying to push them closer to my eyes. After a while, I also experienced that sort of ear discomfomt you get from wearing headphones way too long. A better fitting pair of these glasses would fix that as well.I still rated them 5 stars, for the clear 1920 x1080 and for the price point.Other observations: If you are throwing code at 1920×1080, being in a bright room or outside might be a bit of a stretch. Same as it would be with a monitor. For me, darker would be better. The other issue was head movment. So I code 6 feet away from a 75″ Samsung monitor running @ 1920 x 1080. The thing with the glasses is, even minor head movements make the virtual display move as well. It’s as if my Samsung was able to shift position back and forth quickly with any slight head movement. Not a show stopper, but it was a bit distracting while trying to focus on fine text. I’m sure with more time, I would get used to it. Again, not a fault of the product.The main issue, as I stated, was fitment. Trying to market a “one size fits all” product has to be difficult. I would definately consider them again with a different sized pair. My goal was to be able to VPN/RDP into a development box using my Samsung S20 phone, with either a Verizon data connection, or using Starlink. For all intents and purposes, I was able to do this. I just have to wait for a better fitting pair to come out.

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  60. Mike der Pommes Typ

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The Glass is very Good but the Software is not good (Not good Windows Support)

    Works perfectly. The beginning was very difficult. My laptop only has HDMI. After 3 Apdater purchases, it’s finally up and running without any problems. Fortunately, the Lemorele adapter was available in Germany. I updated the Briele via the website. (Windows). The displayed display is good, but the software is a disaster. 3od previously not possible in Windows (position image in space with head movement).My solution was in the advanced monitor settings 1680×1050. Adjust the temples and extra glasses to fit the smallest nose pad. And then you have an OK/Good for Windows gaming.If 3od is not available in the future, I hope for an update for more image settings, e.g. the settings as with projectors, cylinder image width, height, more adjustments.And to less Settings for an alternate to ajust the ScreenFunktioniert super. Der Anfang war sehr schwer. Mein Laptop verfügt nur über HDMI. Habe Sie nach 3 Apdater käufen nun endlich ohne Probleme am laufen. Zum Glück gab es den Lemorele Adapter in Deutschland zu kaufen. Die Briele habe ich per Website geupdatet. (Windows). Der angezeigte Display ist gut aber die Software ist eine Katastrophe. 3od bisher in Windows nicht möglich (Bild im Raum positionieren bei Kopf bewegung).

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